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For fans of Anthony Michael Hall, it's time to celebrate because The Dead Zone, has returned to its Sunday time slot on the USA Network! Season Five will dish out more deceit, confusion, and twists than ever before.

As most of us already know, "The Dead Zone" is a suspense-filled drama that features a very special man, Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall), In the original series pilot, Johnny is seriously injured in a car crash that leaves him in a coma for six years. When he finally awakens, he discovers that two things have changed forever; the life he had been living has all but disappeared, and he has gained the power to see into the past and future through visions triggered by touch. "I think that some people have that talent," Hall has said. "I think we're all born with some talent."

"The Dead Zone" was created by Michael Piller (many "Star Trek" shows) and his son Shawn, for television in 2002. Rumor has it that Piller handpicked Hall to star in "The Dead Zone." Says Hall, "Apparently. He had seen me in 'Pirates of Silicon Valley' when I played Bill Gates, and that was the determining factor for him."

The show and its characters are based on Stephen King's best-selling novel, "The Dead Zone," published in 1979. The book sparked a movie adaptation in 1983 by Paramount Pictures, which was directed by David Cronenberg and starred Christopher Walken.

The "Dead Zone" fourth season ended with a bang, when Congressman Greg Stillson (Sean Patrick Flanery), begs Johnny to help him investigate the disappearance of his girlfriend Miranda (Laura Harris). Johnny quickly discovers that Miranda deliberately disappeared after learning that Stillson murdered his own father. Johnny tries unsuccessfully to save Miranda from Stillson, but she is forced to become engaged to him by her father, the powerful Senator Harlan Ellis,.

This season's premiere episode, "Forbidden Fruit," focuses on recurring character Stillson, a corrupt man who has the ability to manipulate everyone (everyone, that is, except for Johnny). Stillson is aided and abetted by a menacing Malcolm Janus (Martin Donovan). While Stillson may be Johnny's arch nemesis, Janus is the one to watch out for, doing all of Stillson's dirty work. But because of his gift, Johnny can literally see right through Stillson's deceit, and will stop at nothing to foil his plans. If he doesn't, it will ultimately lead to Armageddon!

Johnny predicts Miranda's fate: death. As he runs out of time trying to stop her wedding, a political crisis develops which brings the overly ambitious Stillson one step closer to the Oval Office, and the world one step closer to ending.

The fifth season will be full of surprises, as Johnny continues to use his psychic abilities for good, and his destiny is fully realized.

The season premiere of the "The Dead Zone" is Sunday, June 18 at 10:00 pm, ET/PT. Look for repeats Monday, June 19 and Wednesday, June 21.

FYI-Those who may have missed last season will have a chance to catch up with "THE DEAD ZONE: The Complete Fourth Season," released on DVD, Tuesday, June 13. The box set contains all 12 episodes, along with deleted scenes, audio commentary, and a behind the scenes featurette.

Also, "The Dead Zone" series has an official website where devoted fans can view detailed episode guides, character profiles, and show scripts. There is also a "community" of Dead Zone viewers, and weekly blogs from the shows writers and producers. To visit the website, log on to / Issue 55 - September 0843
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