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5) FLATPAK HOUSE designed by LAZOR OFFICE and built by DECK HOUSE

Innovative-thinker-and-architect Charlie Lazor’s has worked for years to develop a contemporary, custom-designed, prefab house that could make any homeowner proud. FlatPak House is a system of prefabricated components that fit together to make your house, and is designed to fit your unique needs and building site.Your home can be open and airy, or private and cozy or somewhere in between.The house is delivered “flat’, packaged much like the pre-fab furniture sold by IKEA and Home Depot, although much larger. The purpose of Flatpak is to “optimize cost, value, function and beauty…that’s what makes it modern,” says Lazor. You can decide on your preferred square footage, and can also choose your own walls, cabinets, bathrooms and kitchen built-ins. You can dream about your ideal home or you can get a FlatPak house and make your dream home a reality.

The estimated cost of a FlatPak is $175-250 per square foot.This cost is for a completely functioning house, and includes appliances. For more info and to start customizing your FlatPak, visit


We don’t think those kooky Brady kids had chairs like these! But they might have had an Alpha Stereo Chair that was popular in the 1960s and inspired the designers at Tweak to design the modPod Egg Chair , a.k.a. the modPod Chair , and the iBall chair. Apart from being deliciously fun, their shells and bases are made out of durable fiberglass. The chairs come in a rainbow of upholstery and exterior colors and options including a pair of 5.25” two way speakers, tactile transducers (Tweak speak for music that you can both hear and feel).

Think inside the ball! The modPod Egg Chair $2000 MSRP including speakers. The IBall is $2000 plus an additional $200 for speakers. (Not available with tactile transducer) For more info on these groovy chairs, check out or call 1.877.TWEAK.ME


For the second year in a row, Dishmag is proud to feature the beautiful, innovative and modular Softwall System, designed by architect Stephanie Forsythe at Molo Design. This Vancouver resident has developed an easy and beautiful way to divide a room-a lightweight, freestanding wall that is made of layers of honeycombed translucent, fire-retardant paper that’s bound by natural wool felt ends. Not only is Molo Design’s Softwall System an easily expandable partition, it also creates a soft, lush light quality because it absorbs and contains natural and artificial light within its layers. It’s easy to manipulate the Softwall to make a large dynamic space or a small intimate one. It also can be folded away flat, or folded in half. The Softwall is available in standard and custom sizes and the designers have taken the Softwall concept beyond walls—also available are Softrooms and Softhousing.

Standard Softwalls are available in 78” ($890) and 46” ($590). For more info on standard and customized Softwalls, visit / Issue 55 - September 2018
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