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Tired of those old-fangled barn shaped sheds? Get a Modern-Shed that’s all about storage, fun, space, architecture and your backyard instead!! Designed by architect Ryan Grey Smith, the pre-built and finished shed is shipped packed flat but it can be assembled in a weekend. Modern-Shed comes in two designs, Basic or Studio, each having the same structure and exterior finishing. The difference is that the Basic shed’s interior is unfinished while the Studio shed has finished walls with insulation, a finished floor, and glass windows. It is ready to use except for electricity. In addition, you can customize your shed with additional windows and wider doors, even double French doors or sliders, and you can pick out a custom color besides the standard gray.

The base price for the 120 square foot Basic Shed is $7,800. Base price for the 120 square foot Studio Shed is $10,800. Visit for more information


Trak Kit has been developed with the hope of staying at the forefront of investigating the many ways people can interact with their image/ sound center. The flattening of the TV screen and its integration with the computer has and will continue to change the way most spaces are organized. Trak Kit addresses the issues of technology, mobility, efficiency and ultimately elegance, in both home and workplace.

Instead of hanging your flat screen on the wall, like a painting, thanks to Trak Kit, which attaches your screen to a rail on the ceiling, you can slide your screen to wherever in the room you want it to be. Because of this flexibility, the whole family can use the flat screen for multiple purposes-as a TV monitor, computer screen, gaming terminal, or you can hide it! Customize your Trak Kit with speaker mounts, special cable preferences, or type of material to compliment your surroundings.

The basic eight-foot long Trak Kit with white finish rail cover starts at $1200 (installation and flat screen not included).Custom Kits range from $1800-$6000. The ultimate customized Trak Kit is a fully robotic, remote controlled unit that starts at $30,000, and which we believe everyone should have. For a customized estimate, visit or call 212.463.8782. / Issue 55 - September 2018
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