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Good morning everyone! Yes, I, like the rest of Hollywood have finally awakened from my winter hibernation (Christmas to Valentine’s day!) to greet the new year. It must be all the free grub and Oscar parties that do it. Plus, we all gotta get a jump on next year’s Oscar winning roles, screenplays and those ever-so elusive Director gigs. I myself have just finished my latest-greatest screenplay project “Brownstone” and will be doing a little behind-the-scenes work on “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” this April.

So, I was thinking, this time last year I did an Oscar-themed piece right after introducing our faithful readers to the in’s-and-out’s of Hybrid car technology. It’s one year later, and Hybrids need no introduction. TOYOTA’S PRIUS is a household word. HONDA’S CIVIC HYBRID is a close 2nd, and their INSITE is a living legend in Hybrid circles. Even monster-truck-makers GMC have a hybrid pick-up welcome on any rough-necked construction site.

So, let’s not-and-say-we-did with the clever Oscar innuendo and introduce this year’s new batch of Hybrid wonder-cars. What a difference a year makes!

HONDA ACCORD HYBRID: Mindful luxury with a heart.

Leave it to Honda to take the venerable “so perfect it’s boring” Accord V6 and give it a Hybrid twist. Unlike most other gas/electric rides, Honda equips it’s Hybrid Accord with a powerful six-cylinder, coupled WITH hybrid technology to give this low-emission, high-mileage Accord MORE power AND better mileage than it’s normal Accord V6 sibling. All of this comes with a $3,000 est. price boost above the normal Accord V6, but think of all the gas you’ll save. More power, better fuel economy and lower emissions than the average. How can you go wrong? M.S.R.P. $32,000 est. / Issue 56 - September 2018
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