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For Perry, “Yeah, I think of it as a traumatic event. People talk about, "Oh, it's such a great thing," but it's traumatic in a number of ways because it just completely takes your life to a different place, and everybody has to figure it out. It is a thrilling thing because I think it's naive of us to sort of talk about money as just a problematic thing, because the truth is it really can solve a lot of problems.”

He continues, “Ultimately, to me, it's a show about freedom. Even though the premise is about money, it's what money really buys you. Money buys you freedom. Then what do you do? I think that's the scariest thing of all. If you could really do anything, what would it be? What would it be, and who would you do it with? Would it be with the person you're currently with, married to, partnered with, or would it be with someone else?”

Since the theme of the show is money and the complications it can create, we were curious about what advice Perry might have for others about how to handle it? “Well, I'd say first -- stop bitching. There are worse problems you could have than having a lot of money. Secondly, I would say, save it for a rainy day. And thirdly, I would say you need much less than you think you do. Everybody can do with a little bit less.”

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So what would you do with $20 million, we wondered? According to Luke Perry, “I'd disappear. You wouldn't see me again. The world everyday is becoming more and more of a place I'd like to disappear from. So I think if I had 20 million bucks, I'd take the opportunity and do that.”

Sarah Wynter claims, “I'd go shopping. I'm sorry! [laughter] I'm very shallow. I'd take a shopping cart and go through Saks and just say, "Charge it. Charge it."

For Malinda Williams, “You know, I have one answer. I don't have, like, a thousand things that I would do. Just one picture comes to my head, and that's of me on a boat with my friends. And it's my boat, of course. [laughs] And it's very big.”

Jason Gedrick admits, “I've kind of secretly, in my own fantasy world, lobbied to NBC and Regency that they might pull their $10-million-each resources together, give it to me, and on my hiatus we'll do the reality show; What I Would With $20 million. And I'm open to that! I pitch it here. I pitch them other story ideas. So maybe by the end of the day, you can get me an answer on that one.

Lana Parrilla thinks, “I'd buy a yellow submarine and bring everyone along. There's so many things that I would do. Oh, gosh. I would probably buy an around-the-world-trip ticket and go to all the places I've always wanted to go to and bring my friends and family along. And Malinda.”

“Thank you. You can take my boat,” Malinda replies with a laugh.

Adds Producer McCarthy, “The friends on Malinda's boat; before the trip is over, they're going to ask for a loan. You have $20 million. Would you give it to them? And as you give them more money, do you give them two [million]? Do you give them three? And then their kid needs braces. Do you give them that? I mean, I don't mean to paint sort of a negative picture of money, because again it's not so bad. And it is an incredibly liberating thing, and it gives people all sorts of freedom. It's an all-access pass in the world that we live in.

Sarah Wynter says, “If I were watching television, and they announced my numbers, and I had won, I don’t know what I’d do. I think I would scream and jump up and down and be really loud and tell my neighbors, but um, maybe I’d be very quiet, maybe I’d get very quiet, and be, you know, panicked and not know what to do next.”

Perry adds, “Well, you know, money doesn't get rid of the problems. It just gives you a whole new set of them.

Sarah Wynter, “More expensive problems.”

“And it's about how you go about dealing with those problems,” Perry concludes.

Windfall airs on NBC, Thursday's at 10 pm ET/PT / Issue 56 - September 2018
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