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Since he’s been tapped as one of the acts on the coveted “New Faces Show” at the upcoming 37th Annual Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, it would be tempting to call Jason Aldean a “new kid on the block” in country music. Actually, he’s been in Nashville for seven years, writing songs and working on records for a couple of different labels before finally being signed to the little indie label that could, Broken Bow.

The Georgia native broke out of the gate at breakneck speed with his catchy debut single, “Hicktown,” and hasn’t looked back since, garnering a Top 10 single, a Gold record, and a Number One video on CMT within the first few months of its release. His success story is definitely a testament to the power of perseverance and never giving up…he was literally days away from abandoning his dream of becoming an artist and returning to Macon to redefine his life, when at one final showcase, he was approached by the person who would change his luck and help make his dreams come true.

“The record business was so bad back then…right after I moved here was when things were going downhill in the business, and unfortunately we got caught up in all that,” recalls Aldean. “I got to the point where I was just ready to throw in the towel – I just felt like I had been here for five years and had given it a legitimate shot, and I had gotten married and had a new baby at home to take care of, and my priorities had changed. So I started looking at moving back home.

“You start thinking, ‘maybe that was my shot, and I blew it.’ It gets really frustrating – when I played the clubs, I played with guys who were 40 yrs old and I said to myself I hope when I’m 40 I’m not still playing clubs and I have something to show for my efforts. And if not, I hope I’m smart enough to get out and realize that it’s not going to happen. And then I played that one last show at the Wildhorse.”

“We did that show for a major label that didn’t show up, and afterward this guy, Lawrence Mathis came up and asked me what my plans were and was really excited about working with me. I was like, ‘show me what you can do for me, and we’ll talk.’ And he wanted me to hang around town for another year, but I was going back to Georgia. So I told him I could hang around for six more months, and if he could get me a deal within six months that would work. And five-and-a-half weeks later we had a deal with Broken Bow.” / Issue 56 - September 2018
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