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Q: So this world that you’ve stepped into, what is that describing?

A: You know, the horror genre kind of, but you know, Stephen King, to me, what’s so great about him is that he’s much more psychological as well. Now, I think I will start reading some of his novels. Yeah, I think I will. It’s progress.

Q: Did you ever meet Stephen King?

A: No, but I would love to meet him.

Q: What did you feel about your character?

A: I just loved this idea of a couple that’s on their honeymoon, and they’re in this blissful sort of happy, romantic state, and then basically, in the middle of it, they’re invited to dinner with a business associate. And from this start, they drive up to this dinner and things start to happen. And that instinct, that it’s not the right thing, but they don’t listen because that would seem weird or crazy, you know? And that in one day, from this blissful honeymoon state, you cut to the end of the movie, and it all falls apart, and that it all happened in a day is just really cool.

Q: And do you think that things like that can happen in a day? Are you superstitious?

A: I try very hard to avoid being superstitious, but yeah, I believe crazy shit can happen in a day.

Q: Let me ask you this. Did you actually feel yourself being scared while you were filming this?

A: Yes, so much is imagination, but we were filming in the railroad, which is this deserted old railroad in Melbourne, (Australia) and it’s full of these huge empty warehouses, and there were these two kids in the film who are really amazing and they kind of look like they’re out of a different era. As it started to get dark, things did start to get a bit creepy. I think that’s one of the strange things about actors that we do. We’ll always use a situation as best you can (laughs). Basically, you do your homework and you go and act and use your imagination and make things as real as possible in the moment.

Q: In your personal life, what’s your own worst fear?

A: Not having water. Whenever people are running water, I have this daily thing with water for some reason. I feel that we waste so much water and I feel like it’s such a precious commodity, we all take for granted, and it’s so underestimated and undervalued. So I have this daily moment of imagining life without water and it terrifies me.

Q: I’ve read that you don’t much care about your looks and they’re not that important to you.

A: I must have been very young when I said that.

Q: I read a quote that said you hate looking in the mirror.

A: That I do, that I avoid. I don’t know. I just have a dislike of mirrors. I don’t know why. I think maybe as an actor, every morning in the trailer you have to sit in front of a mirror for like an hour and a half. And it’s just misery making. You start to see every little thing, it’s like a magnifying glass. When I’m home, I have a mirror in the bathroom and that’s pretty much it.

Q: Where do you call home?

A: Los Angeles.

Q: Are you seeing anybody?

A: I’m not answering that.

Q: Could his name be Dougray Scott?

A: Yes. (laughs)

Q: Anything to add about Nightmares & Dreamscapes?

A: Everything was collaborative, it was open, not the usual stuff that goes on in LA. It was a really sweet set up. Everyone seemed to get along and respect each other, and that was really cool. Stephen King and Bill Haber mandated that the words were the star of the show. That’s why Stephen King is Stephen King. It’s his stories that rule. An actor’s job full stop is to pay attention to the words in the story.

Q: So are you considering doing more horror work now?

A: That’s what was thrilling to me with the experience. It opened a new door to a new genre that I hadn’t stepped into yet and even resisted in the past. I had such a positive experience with it that yeah, I would love to do it again. Sounds great. / Issue 57 - September 2018
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