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The most important thing to do when lying in the sun (other than getting someone to rub lotion on your back) is nothing. With Brazilian made Tidelli Cube Double Chaise you’ll do nothing in fine style. This chaise’ frame is made from a single block of welded aluminum painted with a polyester powder coating system, which gives the furniture above average weather resistence and durability. It’s covered in synthetic fiber compounds woven to resemble wicker, that is weather resistant, UV resistant, and washable. Its unusual height and double seating are perfect for keeping you sand-free while cuddling with that special someone.

Tidelli Cube Double Chaise is $2,656. and the cushion is $2069. It is available in white, black, beige, orange, and citric green from Design Kollection. For more information on purchasing this lounge or other furniture from Tidelli, visit or call 856.751.5800.


Floris Schoonderbeek had a dream—to be able to bathe anywhere, anytime. In 2002, he invented a portable, wood-fired bath tub, capable of traveling anywhere wood and water are available. Made of polyester, with a stainless steel heating system, the Dutchtub is lightweight—just 165 pounds so it can fit on the roof of your car—and heats up quickly—it can heat 200 gallons of cold water in just two hours! Once the tub has been filled with water, the wood fire is started in the steel spiral, and the water is heated. A wok and a champagne cooler are built-in, so you can cook a meal and chill champagne while relaxing in the tub. It fits four people, but can probably squeeze in a few more as needed! The company’s goal is to “inspire people to go out and experience ‘boundless bathing’” anywhere in the world!


Dutchtubs are priced at $5698.67. They are available in six different colors—light blue, pigeon blue, ocean green, reed green, dark grey, and tub orange. So go ahead, check them out for yourself at or by calling 518.524.2151

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