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The show’s title refers to a group of 4,400 people who were mysteriously abducted over a span of many years, and then suddenly returned to earth in a ball of light. These people do not recall what happened to them during the elapsed time, sometimes as much as fifty years, but they soon become aware of certain supernatural abilities that they somehow acquired while missing. Don’t suspect the aliens though; it turns out that the 4400 were “abducted” by people from the future, in order to prevent a future catastrophe.

Once their powers are discovered, the group falls under intense government scrutiny. The NTAC (National Threat Assessment Committee), a division of Homeland Security, monitors their activities. It begins to perform tests on the returnees, and soon discovers that they all have a new neurotransmitter, called Promicin, in their brains.

In an attempt to control their supernatural abilities, the government injects each of them with a Promicin inhibitor, meant to restrain their uncanny abilities. However, the plan backfires, and the 4400 all come down with a dreadful illness. With several dying from their ailments caused by the inhibitor, the government officials are put on trial.

The balance of power has shifted now. With an injection of Promicin, the 4400’s power is restored. They continue advancing and using their powers to do either greater good or greater evil. A group of 4400’s band together, calling themselves NOVA, and pledging to fight and exact their revenge on the NTAC heads responsible for the inhibitor disaster. Soon, the other 4400’s begin to fight against these dissidents, in order to keep some level of civility between the 4400 Center and the government.

In this season’s premiere, the plot takes several interesting twists and turns. Isabelle, a baby born to two 4400s, instantly ages twenty years to mature adulthood. The change is unexplainable and accompanies a similar change in her mother, Lily. The episode will have you sitting on the edge of your seat as the delicate balance between the 4400 and the U.S. Government is disrupted time and time again.

The show premiered in 2004 as a limited series, but the public response was so strong that USA knew they had a winner on their hands. Since then, the series has received three Emmy nominations and ranked as the #1 scripted series on cable, beating every other cable network’s new series launches. This third season should prove to be the most intriguing yet as new details unfold and old details are illuminated.

The 4400 returns to USA this month with a special two-hour season premiere on Sunday, June 11, 9-11 p.m. ET/PT. / Issue 58 - September 5179
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