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To keep you informed about who’s starting when, Dish has compiled a little list for you to tack up near the tube so you don’t miss a thing. We’ve also put a little * beside some shows that have the buzz goin’ on. If you see a ? that means we’re going to wait & see. But as you all know, YOU are the ones who decide who’s going to be a blockbuster and who’s heading for cancel land.

Some shows may be missing from this list, because, even though we like to think we know everything, we really probably don’t. If we missed one that you’re particularly excited about, e-mail us and we’ll be happy to add it.

Be aware that now is the time that the networks start messing with their schedules, so be sure to check to be sure that this listing is still correct. Don’t give up that date with that cute dude you met at the supermarket ‘til you’re certain that your future-most-favorite show is really on.

*Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Monday, Sept. 18 @10/9c
*Megan Mullally: (daytime) Sept. 18
?Kidnapped: Wednesday, Sept. 20 @ 10/9c
Heroes: Monday, Sept. 25 @ 9/8c
Friday Night Lights: Tuesday, Oct. 3 @ 8/7c
Twenty Good Years: Wednesday, Oct. 11 @ 8:30/7:30c
?30 Rock: Wednesday, Oct. 11 @ 8/7c

*Vanished: Monday, Aug. 21 @ 9/8c
?Standoff: Tuesday, Sept. 5 @ 9/8c
Til Death: Thursday, Sept. 7 @ 8/7c
Justice: Wednesday, August 30 @ 9/8c
Happy Hour, Thursday, Sept. 7 @ 8:30

?Men In Trees: Sept. 15 @ 9/8c
*Six Degrees: Sept. 21 @ 10/9c
Help Me Help You: Sept. 26 @ 9:30/8:30c
*Ugly Betty: Thursday, Sept. 28 @ 8/7c
*The Nine: Wednesday, Oct. 4 @ 10/9c
The Knights of Prosperity: Tuesday, Oct. 17 @ 9-9:30/8c
Day Break: Wednesday, Nov. 15 @ 9/8c
Traveler: TBA
?Brothers and Sisters: Sunday, Sept. 24 @ 10
Big Day: Thursday @ 8, TBA
In Case of Emergency…: TBA
*Notes From the Underbelly: TBA @ 8:30-9

*Smith: Tuesday, Sept. 19 @ 10/9c
?Jericho: Wednesday, Sept 20 @ 8/7c
?Shark: Thursday, Sept. 21 @ 10/9c
The Class: Monday, Sept. 18 @ 8-8:30 / Issue 59 - September 8899
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