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When I met Pamela Miller in Los Angeles, she was an adorable blonde pixie, a member of the first all-girl rock band known as the GTO’s (Girls Together Outrageously) and one of the stars of a documentary called “The Groupies.” I was the staff photographer for that project. Through the years, I would encounter Pamela from time to time, always with the coolest, sexiest rock stars in town. I must admit, she posed for and I took quite a few, probably scandalous, photos of her with them-including some never-before seen with her soon-to-be husband, Michael Des Barres. I was thrilled when my pixie became a Mom, of a pretty blonde baby called Nick, and Godmother to Gram Parsons’ little baby, Polly. Sometime later, Pamela became a best selling author, writing about what she knew best. “I’m With the Band” is supposedly the basis for Kate Hudson’s character in “Almost Famous.” And since then, she has continued to write articles about a variety of subjects, for hip magazines around the world, and of course, more books, plus so much more.

Through the years, we’ve stayed in touch, and Pamela was, of course, totally supportive when I decided to start Dishmag in 1999, a true labor of love. I kept hoping that she would write something for me, an article, a column, anything she wanted, really. But it wasn’t until 2004, in LA, at Polly Parsons’ grand tribute concert (How time flies!) in honor of her father Gram, that Pamela dropped the bomb on me. My now red-headed pixie, had breast cancer! Gulp! What to do?

I don’t recall who came up with the idea of Pamela writing a journal about her cancer treatment experiences, her or me, but in either case it was an inspired concept. Because for any of you who have been reading her journal, or will read her journal, or who are facing the same challenges she has faced, cannot help to be enlightened, and inspired, by her honest, heartfelt words.

And the good news is, ladies and gentlemen, that Pamela has now been certified cancer-free! Thus with a certain sadness at the loss of her magnificent column, and overwhelming joy at the successful outcome of her treatment, I must say adieu to her column. But don’t think I’m not hoping to have her insightful words grace these Dishmag pages once again, and soon.

Here's her final column. Read on………

- Raeanne Rubenstein, Editor-in-Chief, / Issue 60 - September 8573
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