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Are you a dreamer? Find out what your dreams might mean…….

A dream or dreamscape is the experience of images, sounds, voices, words, thoughts or sensations during sleep. Dreaming has been associated with rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, a lighter form of sleep that occurs during the latter portion of the sleep cycle. Dreaming does occur in other phases of sleep, but dream recall is most usual after REM sleep.

Common Dreams

Journeys: Dreams featuring a journey, traveling or moving in some way from one place to another indicates the dreamer’s way through life. These are by far the most common of all dreams.

Houses: Another common dream concentrates on a house, which represents the mansion of the soul. Different characteristics are found in each room, with ideals discovered in an attic or tower attached to the house. The garden surrounding the house symbolizes the dreamer’s environment.

Water: Dreams of water indicate deep feelings and emotions.

Sex: Sex plays a major part in the dream world. Like hunger or ambition, it’s a powerful driving force. Dreams featuring explicit sex can indicate a feeling of repression.

Flying: More than half of all dreamers fly in their dreams, usually by flapping their arms or jumping in the air. This indicates a need or ability to rise above worldly problems.

Loose teeth: Dreams or feelings of teeth being loose or falling out indicate that the dreamer is going through a state of change.

Tunnels: Dreams of moving through a tunnel or returning through a tunnel indicate a particular journey in life that may be coming to an end.

Royalty: Dreams of members of royalty indicate the inner kingdom of the individual dreamer, where a king or queen may – but doesn’t always – represent the dreamer’s parents. Such dreams can also indicate feelings of self-importance and ideas of grandeur.

Death: Dreams about death indicate a new beginning, the end of one phase in life and the beginning of the next. / Issue 60 - September 4286
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