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Black and Decker is getting it right – by bringing clever women-friendly gadgets to the market for everything from small projects to everyday chores! Here at Dish, we picked three of our favorites (and hopefully the most helpful) for you lovely ladies to use in your own homes!

For Everyday Chores:

The worst part of sweeping is bending over to use the dustpan (and you never even get all of the dirt!). Now all you need is Sweep and Collect, an innovative broom and motorized dustpan in one. First, you simply sweep dirty spots, large surfaces, and hard to reach places. Next, you push the button on the handle and the broom flips, becoming the dustpan. Finally, you collect the dirt with rotating bristle brushes inside the dustpan, picking up the entire dirt pile in just seconds! The Sweep and Collect is safe on hard surfaces including hardwood flooring, tile, and vinyl. (Sweep and Collect, $29.99)

For Small Projects:

Anyone who sews knows the pain of slicing through thick fabric, and the importance of keeping scissors sharp. Now, cutting through fabric and other materials including cardboard, vinyl flooring, wall paper, plastic and more is so much easier thanks to the new 3.6 Volt Cordless PowerScissors. In fact, this tool can cut though almost anything! And the design of the scissors puts your hand directly in-line with the material you are cutting, giving you great control for straight, easy cuts. Also, the PowerScissors are designed to fit comfortably in your hand, alleviating tension at your hand’s gripping pressure points. A mountable table clamp is also included that holds the scissors in a stationary position, allowing you to feed the material through the scissors like a sewing machine! (Cordless PowerScissors, $29.99

For Home Decorating:

One of the hardest parts of decorating should be the easiest- keeping things level. So don’t struggle with the bubble, instead use Black & Decker’s Auto Leveling BullsEye family of lasers that level themselves. This product features two tools in one—an accurate laser level that projects both vertical and horizontal level lines and a digital tape measure that does the thinking and calculating for you! To use, place the Bulls eye on the wall at the height you want, and it automatically projects a level line. The Digital Tape Measure takes measurements as you roll the device from one end of the wall to the other. The LCD display shows a digital readout of the measurement. It even calculates square footage! (2-in-1 Auto Leveler and Digital Tape Measure, $69.99)

For more information on these and other useful Black & Decker products, be sure and visit / Issue 60 - September 2018
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