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CREATURE COUTURE: Chic Pet Carriers Can Go From Curb To Café

What happened when a former model, Jeanette Jones, and Michelle Jackson, a make-up artist/stylist, turn their attention towards the furry set? Creature Couture, of course – a new line of stylish pet carriers that can go from the park to Park Avenue without missing a beat.

Jeanette and Michelle, who have spent over 30 years collectively in the world of fashion, decided to bring their knowledge of the fashion industry and love of animals together by creating Creature Couture. The idea came about while Jeanette, then living in Asia, was trying to find a stylish doggie carrier, bed and collar for her 3 pound Chihuahua “Spookie”. She wanted accessories that were fashionable as well as functional, which seemed impossible to find, so she decided to produce her own designs.

This chic new line of pet carriers and accessories is designed for the fashion-forward owner in mind, who likes to bring their dog or cat along wherever they go. These stylish carriers look like a purse, but can carry up to a 10 pound pet in comfort. The bags also have a “peek-a-boo” door that allows a pet a clear view of the action. Says Jeanette, “I love it. Half the time I don’t even know Spookie’s there. I roll the door down and she can have a sleep or I roll it up and she can watch the world go by. I take her with me all the time to restaurants, to the movies, and because of the way the bags are designed people don’t realize I actually have a dog with me.”

This purse-like line is perfect for those who hate the bulky, cumbersome traditional style pet carrier and would prefer something that doesn’t clash with their Prada. The trendy line of bags, collars, and leashes is currently available in finer boutiques and in many Marshall Fields stores.

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PLANET DOG.COM: Dogs Go Into Orbit For Planet Dog’s New Sports Toy Line

Dogs are barking about Planet Dog Sport. With Planet Dog’s new sport collection, dogs will now love football, soccer, baseball, and other sports as much as they do Frisbee! These ultra-durable new balls in fun shapes and designs for every sports fan, are made of a chewy, buoyant, durable peppermint-scented compound sure to please mutts of all shapes and sizes.

It seems like dogs can chew the leather and laces off a regular “pigskin” football faster than they can lick up spilled bacon grease. The Orbee-Tuff Football (6” long, $10.95) is designed to stand up to the chewing of a big mastiff “linebacker” yet also has the throwability to toss a nice pass to that quick terrier going deep for a touchdown pass.

In addition, the Orbee-Tuff baseball ($9.95), soccer ball ($12.95) and tennis ball ($7.95) are fun standard choices for sports lovers what want to get their dog in the game, but Planet Dog also offers some rather unusual options for the more discriminating pet and owner as well in the form of golf balls, a hockey puck, and even a billiards eight ball for fans of the lone wolf type sports. Since all Orbee products are non-toxic and approved by the FDA, Fido can chew on them to his heart’s content with no dangerous side effects, and even some minty-fresh breath to boot! The material in the toys is also 100% recyclable and can be sent back to Planet Dog to be melted into new Orbee toys.

Planet Dog donates a percentage of its profits to their nonprofit grantmaking organization, Planet Dog Philanthropy. The nonprofit supports animal welfare, education, and environmental initiatives. Planet Dog products are currently available in the U.S. and Canada and can be ordered from the company's catalogue, available by calling 1-800-381-1516 or at their website at / Issue 61 - September 1180
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