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Do you suffer from nightmares? Ever wonder where they come from and what they mean? Here are some suggestions that might make your seemingly terrifying dream experience more meaningful……

The term nightmare refers to dreams of particular intensity, with content that the sleeper finds disturbing, related either to physiological causes, such as a high fever, or to psychological ones, such as unusual trauma or stress in the sleeper’s life.

Common Nightmares

Chase or attack: The pursuer usually represents a fearful aspect of one’s shadow, an exaggerated version of a denied or inhibited portion of one’s own personality.

Falling from a great height: Indicates a feeling of being burdened unsupported or worried about something.

Car out of control: Indicates a feeling of life being too hectic or out of control.

Unprepared, late for or failing an event or exam: Indicates a feeling of being unprepared or unconfident about an upcoming event or a feeling of being unconfident in day-to-day performance.

Stuck in slow motion, unable to move or make any noise: Indicates a feeling of being stuck in life, getting nowhere and being unable to voice true feelings.

Embarrassed to be nude or naked in public, although nobody else seems to mind: Indicates feeling unconfident, embarrassed or unskilled. This type of nightmare is usually pointing out, by the fact that the other characters in the dream don’t seem to notice, that the dreamer is the only one viewing his/her self this way, and usually mistakenly so.

Personal injury, dismemberment: Indicates a feeling of being neglected, mistreated or forgotten.

Trapped, locked in: Indicates a feeling of being trapped in life, wanting to open up to new perspectives and explore new courses of action.

Drowning, threatening waves, tsunami (tidal waves) or flooding: Indicates a feeling of being blocked, denying feelings or feeling overwhelmed by emotions.

Helpless, abandoned, or crying: Indicates a need to express creativity, to be more spontaneous or to enjoy more personal warmth and intimacy. / Issue 62 - September 2018
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