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The girls in Cowboy Crush spent part of last summer slamming down a course at breakneck speed inside a bobsled at a charity event, to help raise money for the U.S. Olympic Bobsledding Team.. And they found some similarities between racing down that mountain inside a metal tube with little to no control and being in the music business. After all, trying to hold on furiously as your career barrels along, with obstacles constantly getting in the way, is a real challenge. In either instance, though, they admit they enjoy the thrill, and realize it’s all just part of the ride.

“We were thrilled to be a part of helping with that event,” recalls bassist Debbie Johnson, “but going down that hill you can’t breathe, and you wear a helmet for a reason, let me tell you — you smack your head on the sides of the sled! It’s a lot like the music business in a way… This business is absolutely crazy and I compare it to a roller coaster – there’s all the excitement and the ups and downs you go through, but thankfully some of us like to grab a roller coaster ride whenever we can. There’s a certain level of excitement and thrill to it, and that’s what keeps you going, and through it all we’re gonna keep riding the coaster until we get to the end. But I guess just like the bobsled, we should keep our helmets with us at all times in the music business too!”

The all-girl band debuted last year with a bang, and has continued to take their music to the people in any way they have to – be it car, bus, van, whatever means necessary. Doing 270 dates in just 18 months, they are road warriors who are used to the traveling life, and luckily, they enjoy each other’s company. They also have understanding boyfriends and husbands who support them wholeheartedly.

“We usually tour on a tour bus and sometimes a van,” says drummer Darla Perlozzi. “We’ve done everything except swim to where we need to go for a date, just about! Doggie paddle our way there…we did a lot of fly dates over the past year, though, which are hard because you don’t rest as much. With flying you do some van stuff too, and it gets hard when you do those dates, but on the bus you just jump in the bunks and sleep when you travel.”

“We have a big time wherever we go,” adds keyboardist Becky Priest.

Watching the band play live there is no question that’s true – the girls have known each other for years and formed the band themselves, which is why they think it works so well. Their camaraderie is obvious, as is their commitment to bringing their music to the fans. “We’ve gotten to meet so many cool people and fans over the past 18 months, and we’re trying to do a grass roots thing…get everybody seeing Cowboy Crush live so when they hear us on the radio they’ll go, ‘Oh wait, I think I’ve seen them!’ adds lead vocalist Trenna Barnes, who penned five of the songs on their album including their latest single, “Hillbilly Nation,” with veteran songwriter Bob DiPiero.

Another of the songs they cut, “He’s Coming Home,” was championed by some high-ranking Army executives and colonels, and a video was made of the song that is now included in every Army recruitment package that goes out to every enlisted Army soldier. The touching video won the gold medal at the prestigious New York Film Festival, making the girls doubly proud of their involvement with the song. “That’s just one of those songs that, whoever wrote it, it’s an amazing song,!” says Darla. “We’re very honored just to be a part of it. It’s such a strong song, and tells a wonderful story, and we’re just proud to be able to provide the music for it.”

Cowboy Crush hopes to touch plenty more lives with their music, as they just finished up a two week stint in France, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, and Greece, the first of their international tours. In the fall, they will embark on an overseas tour in Japan, Denmark, and Athens, and look forward to playing plenty of dates at home as well throughout the rest of the summer.

They hope also, though, to be able to gain that radio hit that will shift their career into that next coveted level, and are currently pushing “Hillbilly Nation.” “I’d really like to see us have a hit song that gets us into the public eye and be able to get out there and touch some people’s lives,” says Debbie, contemplating their future. “I think we haven’t quite had our full exposure yet, so I’d like to see us get that and be able to show an audience a good time, and maybe even make them stop and think on something like ‘He’s Coming Home’ or ‘I Am Pretty.’ That’s the ultimate goal, I think.”

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