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Peyton Manning and Rex Grossman will not be the only quarterbacks going head-to-head on Superbowl Sunday. Nine-week-old Labrador mixes Chubby and Checkers and ten-week-old terrier mix Quesadilla will also be duking it out in the biggest gridiron showdown of the year at the Animal Planet Puppy Bowl III.

Quesadilla and siblings, Chubby and Checkers are three of over a dozen puppies that were featured on, the very first searchable database of adoptable pets on the Web, and specially chosen to block, tackle and romp in the Puppy Bowl stadium.

Developed in 1995 by Betsy and Jared Saul of Tucson, AZ, is the oldest searchable database of adoptable pets on the Web. Once an extension of the couple’s New Year’s Resolution to help save homeless pets, has in one decade become the largest on-line, searchable database of animals that need homes. It is also a directory of over 10,000 animal shelters and adoption organizations across the USA, Canada and Mexico.

As Betsy Saul told Dish recemtly, “The Animal Planet Puppy Bowl III is a gift to everyone watching the Superbowl, because during the downtimes we can switch over to these totally adorable animals. The puppies are in an arena playing ball and the kittens are the cheerleaders. There’s even a tailgate party! In Fact, it’s so much fun, you may never turn back to the Superbowl!”

She continues, “I appreciate Puppy Bowl III because it provides an amazing, positive spotlight on all the great pets in shelters waiting for their forever home. I think that people want to feel connected to animals and we’re all troubled when a promise has been broken. That’s how we view pets who have ended up in shelters. It’s as though people get a pet and bring it into their family and for some reason it doesn’t work out so it ends up in a shelter, or lost in the street. So we look to as a ‘re-connector’ or as a way to repair that relationship."

Saul tells us that most people don’t realize that 25% of dogs in shelters are purebreds. She adds, “No matter what kind of pet you’re looking for, you should visit We have everything from pot bellied pigs to chinchillas, from cats and dogs to snakes.”

“Puppy Bowl is a celebration of the love we have for pets,” Saul continues. “As an integral part of this unique special, viewers will learn how they can adopt a pet of their own and learn more about adopting or fostering a pet in their own community through reputable shelters and rescue groups.”

So don’t miss Puppy Bowl III for great fun on Superbowl Sunday, and if you want to continue the game throughout the year, visit where you can add to the fun by adopting your new best friend.

QUICK FUN FACT: There are currently 195 adoptable dogs, cats and bunnies named Rex (Quarterback for the Chicago Bears, Rex Grossman) and 29 adoptable dogs and cats named Peyton (Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts) available on We think that this may just be the most practical way to get Rex or Peyton into bed wih you tonight! How about giving that some thought?

PUPPY BOWL III airs on February 4, 2007 on Animal Planet from 3-11 p.m. et/pt

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