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“World According to Jess” is a life-long dream of handbag guru Jessica Alpert-Goldman. While growing up, Jess always kept one goal in mind... to take New York City by storm and conquer the glamorous world of fashion. It was only after graduating from college, then jumping from fashion fabulous to fashion mishap jobs, that Jess could finally create a “WORLD” of her own.

After being unveiled in August 2001, “World According to Jess” gained quick recognition for its fun, whimsical handbags and travel accessories. Unafraid to be unique, break rules and buck trends, Jess’s line is one of a kind! As she puts it, “I like to make fun of fashion while emphasizing quality construction and functional design...think ribbons, studs and paint by number! The customer should always expect the unexpected!”

Jess’s philosophy stems from her run-ins with bags that could not hold the daily necessities for work, could not fit in the overhead compartment of a plane, and could not go through the x-ray machines in airports. Her goal was to create handbags for work, travel, an evening out on the town, or even for woman’s best friend (her doggy). Says Jess, “It was really my customers who asked me to add the pet carriers. I started out with 3 designs and I kept adding and they've become my top sellers. And thank God I listened to them because it really turned out to be big market for me.

Jess delivers fun, on-the-go, fashion fabulous and functional designs made with quality in mind. “I passed into a very different market than most dog carrier companies,” she continues. “My bags are extremely functional and easy to carry for the owner and very witty and cute. For example, the “In the Doghouse” carrier, it's literally a house in which the dog can be carried.”

Her unique take on fashion has attracted some of Hollywood’s biggest shoppers such as Beyonce Knowles, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lindsey Lohan and countless others. “World According to Jess” is for the fearless, the fun, and those who make their own fashion rules, so much so she says that, “I’ve added a dog collar line and more dog carriers that haven't even been introduced yet.”

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Australian Pampered Pooches Promote the GLOBAL PAW OF FRIENDSHIP

Along with their mother Caroline Andrivon, a former stewardess, two savvy Australian “sausages” who answer to the names of Daimler and Odie have established an international e-tailing (or should we say d-tailing) business that will appeal to the stylish pooch that has everything, all over the world, called

Daimler and Odie, through their new business venture, have designed a unique penpal program for pets who feel deprived in the area of international relationships. Offering three unique experiences for their canine contemporaries called Adorable, Beautiful and Cherished, pets can choose to receive 12, 6 or 4 postcards from Daimler and Odie chronicling their exciting life in the wilds of Australia plus other greetings and gifts for birthdays and holidays. In this way, pampered pets (and their humans) can enjoy his or her own personal pet penfriend from Australia.

In addition, Penfriends For Pets has added a fun new element to their business with a monthly column, “Personality with P.A.W.S” (Panache, Attitude, Warmth, and Style), also written by the talented pet hosts Odie and Daimler. Personality with P.A.W.S will feature interviews each month with a different pampered and loved pet of a successful, nationally or internationally known leader in his/her chosen field, and cover that pet’s thoughts on the latest four-paw fashion trends, favorite meals, pet-friendly travel destinations, playtime with Mom or Dad, and more. Obviously a wacky, fun website, it’s worth checking out!

A percentage of sales from the Penfriends For Pets website goes to the Delta Society of Australia, which helps give aid to mistreated animals. Complete details can be found at / Issue 64 - September 7276
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