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You’re invited over for dinner at your friend’s loft in a trendy part of town. You’ve heard about the place, but you haven’t seen it for yourself. Rumor has it though, that the kitchen is really something!

It doesn’t look like much at first. As you enter the loft, you see a large sphere sitting in the middle of the room, the bottom hemisphere black, the upper hemisphere glowing like a spaceship, about to lift off. As you begin to wonder if your friend has gone a little too far with the whole “modern art” craze, she pushes a button. The upper hemisphere of the globe rises to reveal- this is the kitchen, a fully functional kitchen at that, and your mouth drops.

This Italian-made sleek new kitchen—Sheer—comes complete with a sink, counter space, and stove, and includes a removable natural lava stone on the fourth central burner. Beside the sink, the kitchen comes with three bottle coolers—for holding your favorite Pinot Grigio or brut champagne. The top hemisphere has a cooking hood and lights, and the bottom contains a solid steel pullout table.

But where’s the oven and the fridge?! Both are tucked away in a self-supporting unit, which can be placed against the wall or left free-standing in the middle of the room. The wall unit can be equipped to your liking: oven, microwave, refrigerator, or another combination, like dishwasher and coffee machine. Besides these household appliances, the unit has shelves, extractable bins, and an aluminum dish rack for glasses and bottles. There are also two large drawers for pans and kitchen utensils and two folding cupboards.

Interested? The island, including installation, is $99,000 and the wall unit is $28.000 in lacquer, or $44,000 in carbon fibre. Check it out in all its glory at or call imoderni at 305.865.8577 . / Issue 65 - September 2018
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