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PAW-WEAR: For Pups Who Can Have Whatever They Want!

Is your dog more like a family member than your pet? If the answer is yes, then your darling deserves Paw-Wear designer fashion that caters to a discriminating audience, like you!

Based in New York, Paw-Wear designers around the world take their lead from the company founders' European elegance and taste to develop products that appeal to celebrities, finer retailers and chic pet boutiques. Along with an original collection of hand-crafted doggy coats, leashes, and accessories, Paw-Wear also has an amusing line of dog-collar jewels with enough bling to walk the red carpet. Says company Senior Vice-President Carol Wilson, "There will be a lot more products as time goes by-every season new products will be added, and some taken away."

The Paw-Wear website also celebrates the real life story of the company mascot Cookie (, an adopted mixed breed shelter dog who was dubbed by the press in New York the "Hero Dog of Central Park" after he saved his owner from a vicious attacker. Cookie bit the attacker several times, drawing blood which helped New York City detectives capture and jail the perpetrator through DNA blood evidence collected from the crime scene.

Any dog lover in the NYC area knows about the important, life-saving work of Long Island's North Shore Animal League. Paw-Wear is helping in that work by donating a section on it's website to the North Shore Animal League America, and posting a "Rescue of the Month" that is available for adoption from the no-kill animal shelter and rescue organization. It also links to the North Shore Animal League America Cyber Kennel where visitors can see dogs and cats available for adoption, just waiting for that special owner.

Paw-Wear, Inc. through and wants to send a message that mixed breed dogs deserve the same 'special treatment" as their pedigreed counterparts with its' line of high fashion attire created "for pups who can have whatever they want" in mind.

(Prices range from $3.99-$199)For more about Paw-wear, please go to or

Does Your Pet Have STAR POWER? Find Out With Celeb Dog Trainer BASH DIBRA's New Book

Convinced that almost any pet can become a star-quality performer, Bash Dibra, celebrated dog trainer to such human superstars as Mariah Carey, Kim Basinger, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, has created "Star Pet Workshops", a new animal-actors workshop designed to transform even the most dedicated couch potato pets into bono fido performing stars.

Says Dibra, "The audition is free. It is required that the dogs should be somewhat trained, have some level of training. All the animals do the same thing, sit, lay down, but what I'm looking for is that dog that does it differently, that plops down, that has this look-'Is this right?' 'What else do you want me to do?' that's what I'm looking for. Eager to please. Wants to do things for you. Also, it's a team effort. Not only does the dog have to be great but the owner has to be just as great. So they go out and you say 'Wow, what a great team!' Showmanship, that's the word." If your pet is ready for the big time and big fees of television, theater and feature film, the Star Pet Workshops are for you!

In addition, Dibra also reveals his secrets on how to groom your pet for stardom in his upcoming new book, "How To Make Your Pet A Star." The hot new tome offers tips on everything from teaching your cat or dog to pose for the camera to training your pet to sit and speak on cue. He also teaches you how to create a professional pet portfolio and where to attend animal casting calls. Says Dibra, "It's all related to the proper training and also how that particular dog or cat's charisma stands out among the others. It says, 'Here I am!' 'I am the one you are looking for.'"

The book is the sixth in a series by Dibra, who has held "Star Pet" workshops in New York and most recently in San Francisco, where he worked with the Barbizon Modeling School at a two-day event. Each day, six hundred local residents brought their dogs and cats to Dibra, hoping he would tell them their pet could be the next "Rags" from Spin City or "Morris the Cat" in the cat food commercial, who evaluated them for their temperament, charm, and performing abilities. The pets chosen for their star quality then underwent a six-week course ($1000-1500) featuring the same techniques taught by Dibra at his highly regarded workshops on the East Coast, and received a pet portfolio (just like the big dogs!) that will be featured on Dibra's website which is viewed by influential commercial and film producers and art directors throughout the country. "We say, hey, come and see some of the most talented dogs available. It's almost like American Pet Idol," says Dibra jokingly." Who knows, maybe your pet can be part of that phenomena. They might even get a TV sitcom deal or a record album.

Dibra is working on the possibility of taking his Star Pet casting call on the road again soon, but in the meantime eager pet owners who just know that Spot is a star can soon purchase Dibra's book at his website at "I see mself as the Lee Strasbourg of animal acting," concludes Dibra. "I try to bring out the best in each pet so they come out as a true actor."

The book's publishing date is Spring, 2005. Check it out at / Issue 67 - September 2018
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