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People say, there is a very fine line between pleasure and pain. People also say, beauty is pain. Does this explain the growing body piercing trend? These statements just touch the surface. And anyone who knows about piercings says you have to go below the surface.

Every generation has their way of expressing themselves. In the 20’s, women cut their hair short (shocking!) and danced the Charleston. In the 50’s, guys greased their hair and rolled up their sleeves to stash cigarettes. In the 60’s, they did it all. Sex, drugs, rock and roll and the bell-bottoms, bra burning and the long hair that went with it.

Piercings are one way this generation is expressing itself and rebelling against conservative social and political trends. According to, a website that claims to be "the definitive source for everything pierced", piercings are a way to keep it real and proclaim humanity in a society awash in technology.

Other piercing proponents just like the way their new body holes and jewelry look. "I got my belly button pierced because it looks cute with my bathing suit in the summer," says Hailey Sherman, a 20-year-old student from Milwaukee. "I always wear hoops. Cute dangly silver ones."

While belly button rings are wildly popular, ear piercings still rule. But these days, when a girl goes to get her ears pierced she better specify which part of the ear. It’s not uncommon to get piercings in the conch (the outer flap), the rook (the inner flap) and the tragus (the little flap closest to the head).

Other popular spots for piercings include tongue, nose, (nostril and septum),eyebrows, lips, and nipples. Most piercings are now done with a hollow, surgicalsteel tribevel needle. (Gone are the piercing guns of the past). If any of thismakes you cringe, piercing is not for you. There is some pain involved whetherit’s "just a pinch" as many people claim or "absolutely awful". / Issue 68 - September 4733
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