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Austin-based artist Stephanie Lindsey says she has two great loves: travel and nostalgia. She found a way to combine her two loves and make something new every time she creates one of her unique pieces of jewelry.

Lindsey starts by selecting a card from her collection of 1940’s era vintage linen postcards. When she finds just the right card, she decides whether it will become a belt buckle, a pendant or a pair of earrings. Then, she cuts it into pieces and sets the images into a silver bezel setting and finishes it with a resin filling to create a glassy surface. The result is an instant classic. "I get endless inspiration from these mementos," Lindsey says.

Another source of inspiration for this artist is the European Victorian era jewelry that tourists 19th century tourists bought featuring tiny mosaic scenes of monuments and icons in famous cities including Rome, London and Paris. Once again, Lindsey takes this idea and makes it new by again using postcards of her native Texas for pieces such as her cufflinks featuring Texas icons.

The name of her company, Baby Jane, is a tribute to Lindsey’s mother, Betsy Jane Sands, who passed away in 1994. Her mother’s nickname when she was growing up was Baby Jane.

Baby Jane’s pieces may be found at retail stores around the country (check the website for a store in your state) and at craft shows that Lindsey attends, including The Bayou City Art Festival in Houston this coming October 9-10th.

For more about Baby Jane please visit

Article written by M.B.Roberts / Issue 69 - September 2018
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