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If you’re a fan of the hippest architecture, most innovative furniture, and home accessory design, visiting the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at NYC’s Jacob K. Javits Center each year is heaven. Last month, we brought you the best that venerable furniture manufacturers, dreamers and design students from across the globe presented for 2007.

This year, we’ve decided to add a special section spotlighting the world’s best ACCESSORIES, in addition to our annual furniture design round-up. Following are 8 modern trendsetting designs(from affordable to not-so-affordable) that prove that with the advent of new techniques and materials, accessory design can be both whimsical and practical. So, sit back and enjoy Part 1 of 2 of our special ICFF Accessories coverage.


Kartell’s “Mademoiselle à la Mode!” is more than just a chair collection. It is a chair collection designed by some of the most famous designers in the world, including Valentino, Missoni Home, Etro, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana and more.. The chairs are on display in a traveling exhibit which began in New York and will continue throughout the U.S. this year. Valentino’s chair is elegance and sheer style, with a red bow symbolizing a “gown.” The Missoni Home piece uses fabrics created just for this occasion: multicolored kaleidoscopic flowers and cartagena with black and white graffiti flowers. Dolce & Gabbana’s chair features a leopard print. Currently, these chairs are not for sale, but may be sometime in the future. Until then, visit "" to find out when this collection will be in a town near you.


Nama Rococo is not just wallpaper, it’s art. All pigments and materials used in its production are chosen for their beauty and quality and are meant to last hundreds of years. Every sheet of wallpaper begins with hand-painting a color or many colors on to the surface of a sheet of acid-free French paper, and then hand-printing it using a variety of silk-screens and other printing/reproduction techniques. Our favorite? The French Dot Ooh-la Black design. Founder Karen Combs is obviously wholehearted in her dedication to perfection of technique, and ardent about wanting to create the most beautiful work imaginable. Each sheet is 25" x 38" and costs $200 per sheet. For more information, visit


Rich and brilliant, the Caboche lamp is a mosaic of refractions, the perfect fusion of different individualities that together create the body and the light effect of the lamp. Caboche is a gorgeous hanging lamp (also available as a freestanding or table lamp) consisting of spheres of transparent polymetylmetacrylate ordered in a concentric layout, that multiplies the light of the central light source. A top screen in white sanitized glass guarantees maximum diffusion of light towards the top, while the lower one screens off the light bulb and prevents glare. Designed by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto, this lamp is the perfect addition to any home, adding just the right amount of elegance and style. ($751 (small) - $2648 (large). For more information, visit

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