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The Cave Report, a new radio show on XM (channel 124) and Sirius Satellite Radio (channel 143), features a couple, a bed and a conversation every Saturday at 10 pm et/pt on ABC News Talk Channel. Sally and Kelly, the hosts of the show, are the “couple next-door” earnestly trying to process the world around them while avoiding, with any luck, the land mines that challenge all couples on their way to mutual understanding and respect. They invite listeners into the most intimate place imaginable: their bed.

In most respects Sally and Kelly are nothing alike. Sally is a marketing executive, an amateur sociologist and a head of household as defined by the IRS. She met Kelly by happenstance one afternoon and they started talking . . . Sally was raised in traditional suburban New England clapboard with not so traditional inhabitants. Their seven member family was often out numbered three to one by pets; her father claims it was all “Sally’s doing”. The sheep raised in the house followed their dog around like a puppy; the chickens hatched in the bath tub grew to be known collectively as “The Girls”; three cats actively illustrated natural order via a multitude of gerbils. And Sally’s afternoons were spent mucking, literally, about the horse shed.

Kelly was reared in a typical family in the Midwest. Sandwiched between his two brothers, this middle son was always creative and curious. In his youth, Kelly was a hobby ventriloquist, amateur meteorologist, and working musician. He spent his college years learning to play any musical instrument he could get his hands on while studying psychology and political science. With his General Studies BA shoved in his back pocket, Kelly headed west. He worked oil rigs by day and music gigs by night, trying to make his mark with either crude or vinyl; ultimately with his creative entrepreneurial spirit he launched his own business venture. Kelly married in his twenties, fathered two beautiful sons, and eventually moved his family east settling in New England. His divorce left him searching for answers about what happened and how other people meet, marry and maintain their relationships.

Sally and Kelly’s conversations take place in their “cave”—their bedroom. The couple displays their ability to talk to—and listen to—that person in bed next to them while listeners eavesdrop on their intimate conversations. They are an average couple that recognize the importance of communication in maintaining a happy, lasting relationship. Sally and Kelly are not experts—they are real people talking about real things.

Conversations range from serious dialogue about soul mates to discussing whose turn it is to take out the trash. Sally and Kelly’s everyday banter allows listeners to relate to the issues discussed and potentially re-evaluate their own relationships.

To findout what all the fuss is about, tune in to the show! For more about Sally and Kelly, and “The Cave Report”, check out / Issue 72 - September 3964
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