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How To Choose a Perfectly Ripe, Sweet Watermelon:

  • 1. Pick it up.
  • 2. Make sure your watermelon is free of bruises, soft spots, and cuts.
  • 3. Turn the watermelon over. If the underside is yellow or brown, the watermelon is ripe. If it is green or white, put it back.

When choosing your melon, you should know the difference between seedless and those with seeds. Seedless melons ensure less of a mess, are sweeter, and have a longer shelf life. They are easier to eat, and to use in recipes. There is no significant difference health-wise, however, so slobber away if you prefer.

Chunk it. Fast and Portable!

Cutting watermelon into convenient chunks is fast and easy. Eat at home or toss in a “to-go” container to take to the office, the beach or soccer practice. Just cut a grid pattern on the surface of the fruit. Cubes will tumble out, ready to eat.

  • 1. Take a quarter watermelon and lay it on the rind with the interior facing up.
  • 2. Place the knife about 3/4 of an inch down from the peak of the wedge. Holding the knife parallel to the far side of the fruit and starting at edge of rind, cut a horizontal line through the fruit all the way down to the rind.
  • 3. Next, place the knife blade 3/4 of an inch lower and make the same cut. Repeat. Next, turn the fruit to the other side and make the same horizontal cuts.
  • 4. And last, starting at the edge of the rind, make vertical cuts 3/4 inch apart all the way across.
  • 5. Remove cubes and serve.

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