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by Danielle Rogers

As an internationally known make-up artist with 15 years experience in fashion photography, television, film and video, beauty expert Michele Probst discovered that many of her male clients were interested in taking better care of their skin. In the year 2000, they pushed her into creating a line of skin care and grooming products for men. “They kept asking me what they could do on their own,” she explains. “What could they use to cover a blemish or scratch. Well, there weren’t any products out there made specifically for men. That’s why I started Menaji Skincare.”

Michele was on to something. Last year, American men spent $33 billion a year on grooming products. Of that $4 billion is dedicated to skincare.

Not surprisingly, men have distinct skin care needs. They have oilier skin due to their larger pore structure. Plus, daily shaving requires special attention to the skin. Most people probably don’t know this, but many current men’s skin care lines were originally developed for women, and repackaged as a men’s line. Menaji products have been developed in consultation with dermatologists and chemists to enhance the natural healing properties of men’s skin.

Probst has specialized in making her celebrity male clients look good without looking made-up. “Healthy skin looks best,” Probst says. “So, put your best looking face forward with Menaji Skincare’s all natural undetectable products.” Many male celebrities agree with this philosophy, including Tom Brokaw, Larry King, Kid Rock, Enrique Iglesias, Martin Sheen, and Jay Leno among many others.

When asked whether she thought men should wear make-up, Probst replied, “We don’t use the “M” word. It’s about skin care that looks good. Healthy skin is sexy, and men now have no excuse for not taking care of their skin, their look. Education and products are easily available for them.

She adds, “Men are the #1 target in the beauty industry. 1 out of 5 plastic surgeries are done on men because they are now competing with women and men half their age in the workplace. Which is why I pioneered this skin care line for men. Menaji is undetectable and no one will know your secret.”

“Menaji’s formula is look good= feel good=confidence=success,” she concludes.

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For more information about Michele Probst and Menaji, go to or to order call 1 800 551 5067 / Issue 76 - September 5693
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