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Since 1983, Fernando and Humberto Campana, brothers from Sao Paolo, Brazil, have worked in the field of artistic design, taking part in international exhibitions and workshops with pieces they made by hand. Their work incorporates the idea of transformation and reinvention. For furniture manufacturer Edra, the pair designed Leatherworks, an exquisite collection of chairs featuring alligator and reptilian printed leather of varying grain size. The scaly, mimetic upholstery resembles animals in the process of sloughing their skins—a no-holes-barred feature that makes this Campana creation a landmark on the contemporary design scene.

For accessories design company Artecnica, the pair participated in “Design with Conscience”- a project that pairs leading designers with artisans in a developing country. Their creation, TransNeomatic, is a container made of used scooter tire and natural wicker. Before weaving begins the tire goes through a steam cleaning process removing all dirt and particles coated with a water-based non-toxic eco-friendly solution to seal and protect the tire from everyday usage. “TransNeomatic” exemplifies the Campana brothers’ experimental clashes of materials and senses: nature versus plastic, cold versus warm, textured versus smooth surface, as the manufactured rubber meets hand-applied wicker.

The Edra “Leatherworks” chair is $1801.13, and the Artecnica “TransNeomatic” is (working prototype price to come). To learn more about the inspiring Campana brothers, visit For more information about their “Leatherworks” collection from Edra, visit For Artecnica, venture over to


London-based “Wrap Art and Design” uses the ancient Indian technique of “Throne Decoration” to wrap 24-carat gold leaf and pure silver sheets around furniture. The acclaimed collection by interior designer Gunjan Gupta includes the Dining Throne, a rudimentary Indian stool that connects with an exotic back, resembling a throne. The furniture created by Wrap offers a new perspective on the consumption of designed goods in relation to their sustenance and longevity by likening the notion of “precious” as “being wrapped.”Wrap’s Dining Throne (wrapped in pure silver foil and 24-carat gold leaf) is $4900. For more information, visit


”The best couches in the world swallow you whole with comfort,” says the “Sedo” family of extra-deep sofas designer Patrick Messier They “invite you to curl up with a good book, do some paperwork, or sleep the day away. ”Messier’s approach to furniture design is based on controlling what he calls “aesthetic pheromones”-creating products that have a magnetic presence. Sensual and deliciously deep, you could actually spend your entire day in it! Editorial’s Sedo XXL sofa is $15,995 for grey wool upholstery, brushed stainless steel base, and three down-filled cushions. For more information about how to dive into this amazing couch, visit / Issue 77 - September 2018
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