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If you stumbled upon a pile of empty plastic bags, what would you do? Pick them up and throw them away? Take them to the recycling center? Or bring them to the farmer’s market, and fill them with fruits and veggies?

Artist Anna C. Roebuck would whisk them off to her Nottingham, England studio and transform them into something wonderful. Roebuck’s company, bags2riches, features her unique art pieces, all hand-crafted from recycled plastics and other found elements. Among the most unique of her offerings are her eye-catching lightpieces.

The free hanging lanterns she makes feature two colorful panels attached to each other with stainless steel dome-headed bolts. She also makes 4-paneled, rectangular solid lanterns in both custom and featured sizes. Fitting for an artist creating recycled art, Roebuck designs her light pieces for use with energy efficient (20 watt) bulbs.

Since her inspiration is as endless as the supply of colorful plastic bags in the world, Roebuck is not limited to lanterns. She also makes wall-hangings, multi-layered chandeliers, wall screens, belts and jewelry.

The earrings, necklaces and pendants she makes are handcrafted with plastic bags, cotton, newspaper and wire, while the chains and external wires are all sterling silver. Earrings are all one-of-a-kind but customers are welcome to specify color and size (long or short) when ordering.

"The material is so versatile," says Roebuck of her chosen medium. "So many of these plastic carrier bags feature vibrant colors and designs."

That said, Roebuck welcomes people to send her bags in the mail. She’ll even reimburse the postage!

For more information about Anna Roebuck, or to purchase her creations please visit

Article written by M.B.Roberts / Issue 77 - September 2018
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