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Aswoon, by Susan Woods, specializes in highly creative functional pieces that cross the line between design, form and function. The company works closely with their clients, offering consultation and collaboration when creating custom or limited edition works in metal, wood, plaster, paper and other related materials. Her project, the “New Wave” line, is made of rounded poplar plywood in natural hues with a Verthane coating applied to bring out the gorgeous color of the wood This collection features Wood’s first seating prototype, Rave Wave, a bench couch that we fell in love with the minute we saw it. Susan Woods says it best: “The visual impact of the colors of the wood mixed with the shape of the piece always invites the viewer for a tactile touch, and a seat.” $8,500. For more information about Susan Woods and her studio, visit or call 718.858.7006.


“20-06”, an aluminum chair, stool and table project, was designed by the famous architect Lord Norman Foster, called the “Mozart of Modernism. The project recalls Emeco’s classic “10-06 Navy Chair”- the all-aluminum icon first designed for submarines during WWII. Estimated to have a 150-year lifespan, these sleek new chairs, stools and tables feature an ultra-slim, all-aluminum frame, handmade and welded, resulting in a minimalist, seamless appearance. Here’s the best part—20-06 is super strong, uses 15 percent less aluminum than the 10-06, and 80% of that metal is recycled. 20-06 aluminum chairs are $385, and bar and counter stools are $400. For more information on purchasing these products, visit or call 717.637.5951.


Shimna is known for their “Beam” seating collection, featuring solid wood beam legs plus beautiful wood and fabrics crafted into a stunning piece of furniture. This year, they introduced the Beam Bed, a gorgeous platform bed with a solid walnut and rift oak wood frame and headboard. In this photo, the bed features an upholstered headboard with a bright floral print, but a wide variety of fabrics are available. The Shimna Beam Bed is $3,825 (queen) and $4,050 (king). For more information, visit or call 212.529.6616.


Since 1971, Heller has offered leading designers the opportunity to work with new technologies to create innovative products. One such designer is Franco Audrito, who founded Studio 65 and created the famous Bocca sofa. “Bocca”, in the shape of sexy, luscious lips, has been a cult object since its creation in 1970. Recently, Audrito re-issued his famous lips couch through Heller, making it a comfortable loveseat for two. One thing, though…it only comes in one color-lipstick red. Bocca sofa is $900. For more information about this and other Heller designs , visit or call 212.685.4200.


PIE was created with the idea of exploring the concept of “living space” in relation to the complexity of nature and living organisms. They do so by designing 100 percent of their furniture by hand and mostly from all natural materials, including ecologically friendly water hyacinth, liana, bamboo and rattan. PIE’s design philosophy is to make furniture an art form, and their gorgeous Alpha chair is no exception. The PIE “Alpha” is $760. For more information about PIE and their environment-friendly products, visit or call 786.543.3037.


For a young company that started out only a year and a half ago, Hellman-Chang is making a huge splash on the design scene. Understanding that style is only measured by how you express yourself, Daniel Hellman and Eric Chang create unique pieces that are meant to inspire. Self-taught designers and craftsmen, the brains behind Hellman-Chang began by building their pieces in a garage. Their innovations led them to receive formal training from some of New York’s most celebrated furniture makers; after perfecting their craft the two men founded Hellman-Chang. Last year, the pair’s Z pedestal, won Interior Design Magazine’s 2006 Best of the Year Product Design Award. The diagonal symmetry allows for various perspectives that create blanace and versatility when viewed from any angle.

“Z pedestal” is $1,700. For more information on this and other creations by Hellman-Chang, visit or call 212.875.0424.

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