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by Raeanne Rubenstein

After discussing the three different types of wrinkles-Sinkers, Saggers, and Squeezers-and how to treat them, Dr. Sherman began to discuss how to achieve great results with home skin care. Here’s what she had to say….

I think we need to back up and say that good skin care starts at home. You don’t want to go to your Doctors office every day, because you’d have to wait too long, and it would cost too much. On the other hand, every woman in Nashville has a drawer full of creams that are half used and that’s because they either didn’t work or they were used for the wrong reasons. So even though the majority of what we do is going to be at home, I strongly believe that it’s very important before starting a new regime, to start with a professional consultation.

What should a client expect in the Doctor’s Office?

We take the mirror so you can look at yourself, and we say “what bothers you about what you see?” Then we first find out what bothers that person, because it’s their face. And what bothers them is the most important thing. So we determine whether it’s a sagger, a sinker, or a squeezer- and for all of those categories creams don’t work. Just like we don’t want to waste our money in a Doctor’s office with a light therapy that we don’t need, we don’t want to waste our money at Walgreens buying a bleaching cream when we don’t have any sunspots.

Right, that’s what I’m saying. It’s wrinkle therapy and they say ‘I have a wrinkle’ when they’re not educated about their wrinkles. So hence the drawer full of half-used creams that don’t work or maybe they’re not being used for the right reasons.

So are you saying that wrinkle cream doesn’t work at all?

A wrinkle cream will work on fine lines- texture, clarity, tone, stimulating new cells, exfoliating, meaning removing dead cells to give you a more youthful clarity, you see. Remember when we were feeling skin textures the last time we talked? I do use some topicals [skin creams] and I do think they have value, but we have to define what it is they do. For instance, should I keep going on this subject?

I’m interested in wrinkle creams.

Wrinkle creams- you have to define what a wrinkle is. That’s the answer. Otherwise, it’s just squirting in the ocean and that’s why we have the big drawer

And that’s why there’s no such thing as an effective wrinkle cream.

That’s right

But you can use skin care products effectively for firming and lifting

That’s exactly right. And there isn’t anything better than Botox. It’s been scientifically studied. I’ve made a breakthrough for women because women get bombarded with the other message.

So what’s a baseline program to make skin healthy?

Great question! First we have to ask you what types of skin diseases do you have? Are you sensitive? Do you have allergies? If we touch you or scratch you, do you react? Because some people have princess, fragile, paper-thin skin and other people have Italian skin that’s thick and you can throw anything at it. The fair princess can’t handle things like lactic acids, glycolic acids ,and washes, but people with thicker skin can.

Let’s back up. Remember we talked about the fact that Queen Nefertiti knew that rubbing fruity acid peels on her face made it softer? She was actually exfoliating her skin. Everyone has the need to exfoliate to remove the dead cells. So this is Step Number One. A cleansing with an exfoliant is a wonderful thing. I would do it every day if my skin could handle it. My skin could handle exfoliation every day, but I’m not sure the fair-skinned princess could. For her Fruity Acid Alphahydroxy, which is the big category—I might pick a lactic acid wash or a light glycolic. For you or myself, we can go with a heavier glycolic or we could exfoliate with a home market Dermamicrobrasion kit. It’s self-adjusting face peels that can be done chemically or mechanically. Both of these remove dead cells. But before we start, we really have to talk about the oil, the moisture, thinness in different areas of the skin, because what we do in certain areas matters.

Is there any danger in all of this?

Danger is too strong a word. You can make make your skin red and rough for several days, and just abrade it to the point where it’s not pretty. You don’t want to cause trauma because then all the body’s army and navy of chemicals come out when you have redness and inflammation. Then you break blood vessels and then you can get some post inflammatory effects after the inflammation- hyper pigmentation, brown spots, so it’s nice to respect the skin and not yell at it.

Start with a professional who can help you decide what are the right products for you!

NEXT MONTH: PART 3! Check back as Dr. Sherman reveals the truth about Topicals, Fillers, Botox, and the Big S- Surgery! / Issue 79 - September 2018
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