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1) It's summer and the sun and water are hard on your hair. Protect and enhance it with Bumble and bumble's Defrizz ($9.99 & $16.99), to defy frizz in any weather, Gloss($6 to $10), a sure thing for shine, and Sunspray($8.99 & $14.99), the next best thing to a hat. Always thinking, those Bumble and bumble people, these products come in a 2 oz. (for tucking neatly in your travel bag) and a 4 oz. size.

2) Now that you've got your hair in shape, how about getting it in style with Bumble and bumble's sumowax. ($18) Applied by running your fingers through your hair, sumowax supplies STRENGTH OF CHARACTER for modern haircuts, textural EFFECT, flexible HOLD, Definition of DETAIL and polished good looks. Each gorgeously designed package comes with a collectible card (wisdom to ponder while meditating at the beach, looking absolutely gorgeous?) Here's an example:

Be softer than roses where kindness is concerned. Stronger than thunder where principles are at stake.

-Bumbleananda (1434-1535)
3) Whether just for fun or for a temporary fix for oily hair, serious fashionistas choose Bumble and bumble's Hair Powder($27) to create hair with a dry, perfectly matte texture and over-the-top body. Available in white, red, brown and black- they are also a fantastic form of temporary color. Hey, to make it stick better, try sumowax. To make it shine, use B&b's Gloss. / Issue 8 - September 2018
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