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Tone Cool Records' recording artist Susan Tedeschi is a person in flux. She was nominated for a Grammy for her album, Just Won't Burn, and is a repeat winner of the Boston Music Awards. She's a touring artist who will be criss-crossing the nation this summer. On stage her powerful vocals project her own power and charisma. Speaking to her, her quiet voice is peppered with a New England accent. For more information visit
FEMMUSIC: Describe your songwriting technique.

SUSAN: There is no one-way! Sometimes I write 'em in the car. Sometimes I write 'em sitting down with the guitar. Sometimes I write at the piano. I write in my head. I write with other people. There's all different ways to write. So I don't write just one way, but I sure do have little techniques that I don't really know about. I don't know how to describe it. 

FEMMUSIC: How has your family influenced your musical development?

SUSAN: They've been very supportive and given me a lot of advice on how to deal with people and the business of it. Not necessarily the business of the music industry, but business in general. As well as given me support on my bands and things like that. I don't know if they've given me huge influence in the style so much. Maybe my dad turned me on to something when I was young. People like Dylan, and Buddy Holly and people like the Everly Brothers. There are all sorts of people. It's just hard to collect a huge amount of the stuff I was turned on to, which is pretty much what I do now. I was turned on between the ages of eighteen and twenty-two I'd say. That was through college and playing out at clubs. 

FEMMUSIC: You just mentioned Dylan, Buddy Holly. Those are more rock influences. How did you get into the blues? 

SUSAN:Well, those are the people my dad turned me on to. I went into blues when I discovered them on my own, later on. I was probably about twenty, twenty-one. Somewhere around there I first started to sit in on blues jams, and places like that. I was turned on to lots of different types of blues. I didn't realize what blues was. I thought it was all a certain style that I liked, but it wasn't totally moving me like when I heard Little Walter for the first time. Magic Sam, Otis Rush. They all move me in different ways. A lot of people have influenced me. / Issue 8 - September 2018
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