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Girls, it’s time to accessorize—with scent. John Varvatos is a new women’s perfume that’s sure to seduce any man you may pass with its delicious fragrance containing harmonious notes of Aromatic Grappa, Georgian apricot, Damascus plum and golden mandarin. Conceived by the designer himself, he says, “I always come up with a muse! To me she’s the downtown girl—independent, ageless, free spirited yet strong willed.” If this sounds like you, give John Varvatos a try! (John Varvatos Eau de Parfum, 1.6 oz bottle, $70. For more information visit

To many of us our pets are part of the family, but we shouldn’t be treating them like a dog…literally. Barking orders is now old school, according to Steve Duno’s new book Be the Dog. He suggests that owner and dog throw away the old ideas of obedience training and control to create a relationship based on mutual respect, thereby resolving any bad behavior that your pet may display. And maybe, just maybe, one day you’ll be able to walk him, instead of the other way around. (Be the Dog, Sterling Publishing, $14.95)

Thanks to Ecotouch’s Green Car Care Products, we are able to wash our cars without using water. Each individual cleanser is made with a combination of organic soaps and plant-based ingredients that are both non-toxic and biodegradable though it easily eats through your car’s dirty surface. The cleansers come in convenient bottles that allow you to just spray on and wipe off, no rinsing needed, making car washing a lot easier- and greener. (Individual cleaners, $9.99 each; car care kit, $39.99. For more information visit

It’s springtime and the weather is turning warmer, so mosquitos can’t be far behind.But instead of constantly waving them away, try DEETfree Natural insect repellent and sun care line. The company says, “We believe our product is simply the best and most effective today without using the controversial pesticide chemical Deet.” It’s also safe for children and pets! After being sold in Europe for four years, it’s now available in the U.S. (DEETfree Natural Insect Repellent 2 oz. Pump Spray, $10.99; DEETfree All Natural Sunscreen and Insect Repellent Cream $21.99. Available at

Want to know about the newest spring shades? Jonathan Paul Eyewear has new Fitover sunglasses to allow people with prescription eyewear to block harmful UV rays and glaring light. These sunglasses easily fit over glasses to provide cutting-edge eye safety with their PDXT lenses and maximum UV 400 protection. You can choose from four different Fitover Glasses with Polarized Lenses styles, including Aviator, Element and Razor, that will perfectly match your outdoor activities and lifestyle needs. (Fitovers are $49.95 a pair. For more information visit

Salba Seed is a natural product that was once regarded as “running food” by the Aztecs because they believed it had the ability to give them supernatural energy and power. According to Mitch Propster of Core Naturals, it “has eight times more the Omega-3s than salmon, six times more calcium than whole milk and three times more anti-oxidants than blueberries.” Not only that, it promotes cardiovascular health, supports joint function and mobility and is a great source of fiber. For diabetics it even lowers their after meal blood sugar levels. Salba is tasteless and can be stirred into sauces, sprinkled on cereals and salads or blended into smoothies. (Salba Whole Seed 16 oz., $24.95. For more information visit

Summer is on the way and it’s time for super-cute wedges! Kiki*c offers footwear with jewels, faux fur and luscious fabrics that would make any stylish gal swoon. They’re made with memory foam that’s based on NASA technology to provide a cozy feel and a customized fit, making them comfortable at work, around the house or out at night. We love Laura, a navy-and-white striped wedge with a sparkly, silver and crystal clasp, and Britster, a light blue striped pair with a beachy feel. But Kiki*c has many more styles to choose from, perfect for Mother’s Day. (Laura, $97; Britster, $86. Available at

Since 1889, Frownies has marketed a unique collection of products guaranteed to keep your skin young, healthy, and natural looking. I remember my mother wearing them before she went to bed every night! Frownies Face Lift in a Bag is a skin care system designed to improve skin’s texture with the power of Frownies Facial PadsImmune Perf_ct Wrinkle Cream. The kit also includes pH Balancing Complexion Wash and Rose Water Hydrator Spray, all of which work together for maximum wrinkle reduction, without the price and pain of surgery! (Face Lift in a Bag, $99.95. For more information visit

Feeling a little flabby after a winter of hibernation? Worry not because Not Your Daughters Jeans can save the day with Tummy Tuck Jeans that are designed to not only flatten the tummy and contour the hips, but also lift the buttock, slim the body and let you wear a whole size smaller than usual—without stepping foot in the gym. Made with four percent Lycra instead of the usual two percent, they’re so soft and comfortable they’ll feel more like your favorite pair of sweats than your awesome fitting jeans. (Tummy Tuck Jeans around $90, prices may vary. For more information visit

Perfect for those of us who love to entertain, Cocktails: Style Recipes by Norman Kolpas, is a unique collection of classic and updated drink recipes also featuring ideas for presentation. The book features martinis to manhattans, and margaritas to bloody bulls, bellinis and brandy alexanders, and has information on the appropriate glassware, party planning and style accessories. There are also quick and easy drink recipes for small dinners, or for just making an individual pick-me-up. With 50-plus new recipes, you might even find a new favorite drink! (Cocktails, Fireside Books/Simon and Schuster, $15.95.)
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