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The Uncensored Guide To Divorce, Dating, Sex, Spite and Happily Ever After

By Sue Mittenthal and Linda Reing
$12.95 Running Press

Divorce is a bitch, and let’s face it, no sensible woman wants to navigate its murky waters all by herself. Thankfully, authors Sue Mittenthal and Linda Reing have written STILL HOT, a practical guide to help you zip through the bad times and move on to smoother sailing.

This hilarious little book begins with Phase One: Your Marriage is Toast, which asks the questions you may be afraid to. Has your hubby started working out, eating tofu, using hair products and having his bank statements mailed directly to the office? If so, he’s probably cheating on you and it won’t be long before he dumps you for the twenty-something he thinks he’s in love with.

Of course, when this kind of thing happens your life will go into a total tailspin, which is why Phase Two is aptly titled: Go To The Girls. The girls will be there for you whether it’s to take you lingerie shopping, keep you company over crying jags and cocktails and share the ice cream, all of which are essential when trying to mitigate the shock of having to start over. Phases Three and Four will escort you through the rigors of finding a killer attorney and getting your financial just desserts and then this book really gets fun. Phases Five, Six and Seven addresses with the struggle every divorcee deals with: getting back in the dating saddle. Things have definitely changed out there, as Mittenthal and Reing blithely point out, and they devote an entire section to spotting Mr. Wrong, which, if you are in the market for a new man, will save you a bunch of time. And finally, Phases Eight, Nine and Ten tell you how to move forward with your new life and new man, if there is such an animal, and what to do if your ex realizes the error of his ways and comes crawling back. With checklists and a host of great advice, not only will you learn how to play internet scrabble and order useful toys on-line, but you’ll laugh yourself through one of the toughest times in your life and realize you are not alone, after all.


The Astrology of Friendship

By Hazel Dixon-Cooper
$12.95 Weiser Books

There isn’t a day that goes by, good or bad, when I don’t wonder where I’d be without my girlfriends. But I do have moments when I wonder just what makes them tick and why some of their behaviors differ from mine or reflect back at me like a perfectly polished mirror. So when I picked up Hazel Dixon-Cooper’s latest offering FRIENDS ON A ROTTEN DAY:The Astrology of Friendship I realized that I might get some answers to these questions once and for all. Author of BORN ON A ROTTEN DAY and LOVE ON A ROTTEN DAY, Ms. Dixon-Cooper is also the esteemed Bedside Astrologer for Cosmopolitan Magazine and from page one of this highly entertaining book she will hook you with her wit and wonderful insights into everything astrological. Starting with impulsive, passionate and selfish Aries, she works her way through each of the twelve sun signs ending with the compassionate, procrastinating and impressionable Pisces, highlighting the personality traits of each sign and describing the attitudes you can most likely expect to encounter when dealing with them. Each chapter is divided into sections beginning with “Soul Design” which outlines the basics of that sign’s personality traits. “Groove Meter” tells you when, where and how hard to party with the gal pal of that sign as well as what lifestyle choices she might make and the personality quirks she might display. “Speed Bumps” speaks to the possible downsides of her personality and although, lord knows, we all have them; some may be more acceptable than others. “Romance Rating” describes your girlfriend’s attitudes towards love and relationships while the “Bitch Factor” heading speaks for itself. “Bondability” will lead you to the sun sign that will be your soul mate in the girlfriend department and each chapter lists a celebrity pairing along these lines, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon who are both of the Aries persuasion. There is even a blurb in every chapter that covers your guy pal, just in case you wonder how to fit him into the mix.


What’s Possible

By Daryn Kagan

$14.95 Meredith Books


From Daryn Kagan, renowned CNN news and sports anchor comes the uplifting book DARYN KAGAN: What’s Possible, which contains dozens of stories written by everyday people who have faced extraordinary challenges in their lives. Beginning with her own story, Kagan describes how she felt when she was let go from her anchor job at CNN after over a decade of working there. Suddenly finding herself on the brink of possible disaster, she took the opportunity to reinvent herself and do what she had longed to do: cover stories about people who had turned their losses into big wins. Before she knew it, she had developed a website,, which features daily stories that “Show The World What’s Possible”. Her new book draws from this same source and is filled with first hand accounts from people such as Scott Rigsby, the double amputee who became a tri-athlete and Bill Montgomery, a 91 year old sculptor who only began his artistic journey after losing his sight. “Daryn’s Takeaways” follow each account, wherein she summarizes and distills the essence of each story by highlighting its universality. A section called “Survivor Stories: Claiming Health and Healing” deals with several cases of people who learned to re-claim their health after it had failed and this includes the story of a man and his dog who both lived to tell the tale. Also in this marvelous book are sections on “Dreaming Big: In Pursuit of a Passion” and “Working Through Grief: Healing Acts” which include stories about a man who organizes National Park cleanups and the first Mexican woman to conduct a major orchestra in New York. Finding “The Perfect Niche: Creative Entrepreneurs” rounds things out with stories of people that are both making a difference and turning a profit, like Adrienne Simpson, founder of Smooth Moves Senior Relocation Services and Barbara K., Home Fix-It Diva and single mom. Like Kagan, all of these contributors have a lot of hope and great advice to share, making it possible to see that with a little ingenuity and belief in your self, anything is possible.

Real World Advice On Choosing, Caring For And Understanding Your Canine Companion

By Lisa Wogan with Photography by Bev Sparks
$18.95 Skipstone

There are a lot of books about dog care on the market written by vets and animal experts but
DOG PARK WISDOM brings something new to the table: advice on doggie discipline, do’s and don’ts from dog owners. Author Lisa Wogan has put together a marvelous book that covers everything from choosing your dog to caring for him/her in this grass roots guide to dogs. Beginning with “Seven Tried and True Tips for Choosing A dog” such as doing your research and avoiding pet stores, she then moves on to bringing your cuddly bundle home and setting up the perfect environment for your new best friend. Then it’s on to breaking bad habits such as peeing indoors and jumping on guests and advice on how to keep your dog entertained if you have to be gone for long stretches during the day. “At Home” speaks to pet friendly furniture and creating a spot where Fido can look out a window at the world going by, as well as how to keep the doggie odors out of the carpet and floors and there are even tips for those of you who take your dog to the office. Also covered here are all aspects of grooming from bathing to curing bad breath in dogs and also in this chapter, the author offers up remedies for the nightmare of doggie skin care: the hot spot.

Then it’s on to “At The Park” where you will get tips on leash-free etiquette, dog-park dating and that sometimes woeful experience, dealing with the human factor, that can often be the most troubling part of a dog park visit. “On The Trail” covers hiking while “On The Road” shares great tips about traveling with your dog. Complete with beautiful color photographs of some of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen, this guide to everything canine will make you smile, laugh and definitely teach you a new trick or two. / Issue 80 - September 2018
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