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“Sex and the City: The Movie” picks up four years after the finale of the TV series. Carrie Bradshaw is still with Mr. Big (Chris Noth) before the film's events complicate her love life once again. Noth was doing double duty filming the movie and shooting episodes of “Law and Order: Criminal Intent” at the same time.

"It’s pretty schizo," he said. "Totally antithetical subject matter, feeling, etc. It’s completely two different sets although for a movie, I think they cover an enormous amount of ground although they may not be doing eight or nine pages like we do on ‘Law and Order’. They cover what they do very [fast]. I mean, they cover a lot. They’re going at a rapid pace. So both sets were positively exhausting in completely different ways."

Just when Noth would get back into the Mr. Big groove, he'd have to switch to Det. Mike Logan. "It was a big challenge for me because filming has its own sort of wearing and exhausting nature to it, not just the hours but the repetition. You've got to get eight hours of sleep, especially for ‘Law & Order’. But it’s a romantic comedy so that it’s different in terms of timing and you’re using a whole different set of instruments for it. So I was always happy. It’s kind of like two different families and it was fun to get back to each one of them. It’s like, coming back to the ‘Law & Order’ world after being in the ‘SITC’ world was at first a little bracing, and then it was back to normal. Then going back to them after ‘Law & Order’, it was a little weird, because of this sort of fashion sense and the rhythms of that. But I finally finished both of them."

Both characters go back a long way for Noth. Logan began in 1990 on the original Law & Order. After a 10 year break, he joined ‘Criminal Intent’. ‘Sex and the City’ goes back 10 years.

"They’re both New Yorkers, just different neighborhoods maybe. Part of the fun is they’re absolutely diametrically different sets and different feelings just as the characters are. I always joke, ‘with Big I’m going from Gucci clothes to Logan’s Moe Ginsburg suits’. But they’re both really great fun, great complete individuals with different points of view in different worlds.
And our sets articulate that also. Our set on ‘Law & Order’, it’s a lot of hard work. We try to have fun together and have a lot of laughs. I think there’s a little more testosterone, but the ‘Sex and the City’ set I would say, is a lot more, obviously female oriented, a lot more emphasis on hair and makeup, which is always fun."

The sets have different fans too. "All I know is in the neighborhoods of ‘Criminal Intent’, some of the fans wanted me to sign their gin bottles. We were mobbed in ‘Sex and the City’ on the first week. I mean, every set we were on there were 500 people with their camera phones. I mean, I’ve never seen anything like it and they stayed there all day long. ‘Law & Order’ is like an old friend in New York. We’ve been around awhile and it’s almost like a part of New York. I think that people see us, recognize us and say hi, but they don’t bother us and they leave us alone to do our thing."

There was one moment where Noth met an unexpected ‘Sex and the City’ fan while shooting ‘Law & Order’. While shooting in a car, blocking traffic, a trucker started honking at the crew. The crew tried to ignore him, but when he finally got their attention, it turned out he was just a Carrie Bradshaw supporter.

"We thought he was going to jump out and go, 'You f*ckers have been holding me up all day! Get your asses out of here.' It was like he was going to be really pissed off, and it was like, 'When are you going to marry Carrie?' That’s all he wanted."

The plot of ‘Sex and the City: The Movie’ was kept under wraps, even while fans were stealing shots of scenes involving wedding dresses. Noth even filmed multiple versions of his scenes to fake people out.

"The reality is we had to film a lot of fake endings because there were so many people on the set. So everything we were doing was photographed and put online and perused, and sort of like, dissected. It was a little bit weird. I've never, ever been on a set where there was that much interest in trying to figure out what was going on. Everyone who got it in the papers were completely wrong because everything is so out of context- they don’t understand. Just because they see someone in a wedding dress, it doesn’t necessarily mean what they think it’s going to mean. That’s the beauty of the movie, you know."

While he is still not giving up the details, Noth is happy with the outcome of Big's storyline in the film. "I can honestly say from the writing and what we’ve shot that I’m pretty happy. I mean, with the schedule and the sort of doing double duty, I was a little unsure if I could keep up with it. But I was happy with what we got."

There may not be any more resolution than his final line from the TV series finale, but that's not necessarily what Mr. Big needs. "It’s a continuation. I mean, I’m not sure anything needs to be resolved. They’re a part of each other’s lives, through all the twists and turns and there’s a lot of different twists and turns, but it’s life, I guess. He’s a big part of her life."

The movie may be the final chapter in ‘Sex & the City’. Even with demand high, Noth suspects he has reached the limit for being a believable Mr. Big. "I don’t think you could call it, if I’m in a wheelchair, ‘Sex and the City’. There’ll be no sex and the city will be filled with wheelchairs. It’ll be the Golden Girls and something with old guys." / Issue 82 - September 3744
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