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If you haven’t been watching USA Network’s three top shows, then you’ve been missing out. These shows, "Burn Notice," "Monk" and "Psych," are all returning in July with new seasons that are sure to be exciting. And even if you’ve already missed a few seasons, don’t fret—the shows will quickly become your new favorites.
The first season of "Burn Notice" was the number one new television show on cable when it premiered in June 2007, and it left us with the anticipation of finding out that perhaps Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) will discover why he was burned by the government—in other words, why he was fired from being a spy and blacklisted by all government agencies. In the last episode of season one, we see Westen making a narrow escape after saving his friend Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell) who was being held hostage by Glen Harrick, a Special Forces officer who turned to drug trafficking. In order to make this thrilling rescue, Westen promised a government agency that after they helped him save his friend, he would willingly go with them to answer some questions and perhaps to get some answers of his own..
The hilarious "Monk," returning in its seventh season, shows our favorite obsessive-compulsive detective dealing with new challenges. Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) jumps into the real estate market in the first episode titled “Mr. Monk Buys a House.” But on an even more personal and difficult note, Mr. Monk must deal with the sudden death of his longtime confidante and shrink Dr. Charles Kroger, played by the late Stanley Kamel. We’ve seen Monk’s dislike for change in many episodes, and now we see him dealing with the loss of the person he trusted the most to understand his numerous phobias. USA Network knew that Kamel’s character could never be replaced in the hearts of the viewers, so, instead, we get to see Monk with a new therapist, played by award-winning actor Hector Elizondo. As one could guess, Monk is slow to warm up to his new therapist even to the point of seeking psychological help from a hypnotist in a later episode this season. Viewers have a great line-up of 16 new episodes to look forward to, including the 100th episode, which will air on Friday, September 5. Be on the lookout for exciting guest appearances, including Brad Garrett ("Everybody Loves Raymond") in the premiere episode.

And if you’ve been shamelessly missing this dynamic ‘psychic’ pair, you definitely won’t be disappointed by the brand new season of "Psych." We’ve always known Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and Burton ‘Gus’ Guster (Dulé Hill) make a great team, but what happens when someone tries to jeopardize Gus’ role at their detective agency? Will Gus be forced to leave the agency in order to keep his fulltime position as a pharmaceutical sales rep? For Shawn’s sake, let’s hope not! The new season of Psych will feature recurring guest star appearances by the likes of Cybill Shepherd, who plays Shawn’s mother Madeline, who has been out of the picture for most of Shawn’s life. As a psychiatrist, Madeline finds that she will also be needed to perform a psychiatric exam on Santa Barbara Police Department’s leading detective Carlton Lassiter (Tim Omundson). Be ready for the usual antics from Shawn as he tries to ensure that Gus will continue to be his partner in crime.

Be sure to watch the first episode of "Burn Notice" in its second season premiering Thursday, July 10 at 10PM ET, "Monk," premiering Friday, July 18 at 9PM ET and "Psych," premiering on Friday, July 18 at 10PM ET all on USA. Visit for more information on the shows and to watch full episodes from previous seasons. / Issue 82 - September 2018
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