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Well, summer is here in all its blazing glory! And that means that exciting new Television shows are hitting the airwaves as we speak! From new reality series, to fascinating documentaries, to new original series on cable, your remote won’t know what show to try first……….. 


From G’s to Gents

Premieres Tuesday, July 15, 9PM ET on MTV

Do you know what it takes to be a gentleman? Neither do these guys. Executive producer Jamie Foxx puts a new spin on a ‘makeover’ show in this new reality series on MTV. Not only do these 14 G’s learn to shed their attitudes and their grills, they also learn important life lessons on how to use courtesy to get ahead and how to find their own self worth. Sound cheesy? Well, don’t forget that these guys are also competing for $100,000. Watch these G’s make total transformations inside and out, but in the end, only one will truly be able to call himself a Gent. Who will it be? 


The Cleaner

Premieres Tuesday, July 15, 10PM ET on A&E

It’s been six years since A&E has launched an original scripted drama, but their new series “The Cleaner” has definitely been worth the wait. Benjamin Bratt stars in the lead role as William ‘The Cleaner’ Banks, a man who vowed to God that he would help others break their addictions if he was given a second chance to break his own. In the series opener, Banks tries to help a young star athlete cope with the loss of his father and fight his addiction to meth, which he used to ease the pain. You won’t want to miss all the drama on this new series.


undefinedBlack Men Revealed

Premieres Sunday, July 20, 10PM ET on TV ONE

What do black men really think? This is a question that “Black Men Revealed” strives to answer. In each episode of the second season of this series, hosts and real-life brothers Doug and Ryan Stewart bring together five African American men to speak out about the myths, stereotypes, and truths about what it means to be a black man. Each episode shows different men wrestling with a new topic, including discussions on HIV virus, homosexuality in the black community, and parenthood. The men speak candidly, making this one of the most provocative shows on this season. 


How to Look Good Naked

Premieres Tuesday, July 22, 10PM ET on Lifetime

With a title like this, we knew our Dish readers would be intrigued. According to recent statistics, four out of five American women say they are dissatisfied with their bodies, and this is one statistic that Lifetime, along with host Carson Kressley of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” fame, decided to change. How does one look good naked, you might ask? Well, Kressley steers clear from suggesting crazy diet regimens or drastic plastic surgery. Instead, these women are taught about how to properly dress the body they have and, more importantly, how to love the body they have. 



Premieres Tuesday, July 29, 9PM ET on Sci Fi

When you live in a town full of geniuses, it seems that anything can and will go wrong. This is the life of small town sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) in season three of SciFi’s original series “Eureka.” This is definitely a show you should be watching, especially those of you that are still scratching your heads. SciFi is not just for the Comic-Con crowd anymore. In the small town of Eureka, it’s the ‘normals’ (non-genius folk) who often save the day. At Global Dynamics, a government-guided facility where the geniuses put their brains to work, there’s always an experiment going hay-wire, and it’s the job of the sheriff to sort it all out. 



Jurassic Fight Club

Premieres Tuesday, July 29, 9PM ET on History

Through new groundbreaking evidence, scientists are now able to delve deeper into the physical and psychological traits of dinosaurs, giving us insight on not only how dinosaurs fought for survival, but also how they learned to work together and strategize. In each episode of this new series, scientists use their discoveries to create CGI images that show physical confrontations between different creatures. In the premiere episode, viewers will learn about the Majungatholus, a creature that not only fought other dinosaurs, but more often fought members of its own kind. Could this creature be a cannibalistic dinosaur? Enter the world of pre-historic animals with the History Channel! 


Long Way Down

Premieres Saturday, August 2, on Fox Reality Channel

When Ewan McGregor and longtime friend Charley Boorman decided to take a motorcycle trip, they ended up having an adventure they will never forget. Spanning more than 15,000 miles in 85 days, this pair journeyed from John O’Groats in northern Scotland to the southern tip of Africa, traveling through many areas that most of us have only heard about on the news. McGregor raves about the friendly encounters from the trip, and his journey gives viewers a chance to have some once in a lifetime experiences right along with him. 


The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimer’s and The Future of Alzheimer’s

Premieres Sunday, August 3, on PBS

With over two million Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s, PBS, along with actor David Hyde Pierce (“Frasier”) and neurologist Dr. Steven DeKosky, decided to film the documentary “The Forgetting,” which chronicles the struggles of Jay Smith, a 66-year-old architect who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s because of a greater awareness about the disease nationally and better diagnostic testing. PBS will not only feature this documentary, but also on the same night, they will be broadcasting “The Future of Alzheimer’s,” which will focus on the latest news from the International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease. These two broadcasts can help raise even more awareness and hopefully bring some hope to the millions living with the disease and their families and friends. 



Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee

Premieres Sunday, August 3, 10PM ET on Planet Green

Tired of watching so-called celebrities compete in silly contests for money? Then you’ll be glad that Planet Earth has created a new kind of celebrity competition. “Battleground Earth” pits rapper Ludacris (a.k.a. Christopher Bridges) against bad-boy Tommy Lee to see if they can uphold a green lifestyle while traveling across the country on a 10-episode tour. Sure, it’s trendy now to live the ‘green’ life, but these musicians have to go the distance by practicing what they preach. This series isn’t about winning any game; Ludacris and Tommy Lee are raising awareness about the state of our environment, and this show succeeds in not only being educational, but also entertaining. Go green!


Holmes on Homes

Premieres Saturday, August 9, 9 PM ET on TLC

TLC is making house calls on Saturday nights, and you won’t want to miss their line-up of shows about home repair. After years of doing contracting work, and oftentimes being called on to fix shoddy workmanship done by other contractors, Mike Holmes decided to do something about it. Holmes first partnered with Discovery Homes, a sister network of TLC, to create his series, but eventually his show found its way to the channel best known for shows about home renovation. Holmes’ goal is to teach families about their homes and what to look for in a good contractor. 



Premieres Saturday, August 9, 9PM ET on BBC America

Pre-historic creatures run wild in the present day in this new thrilling series, and only evolutionary zoologist Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall) and his rag-tag team of scientists and students, including Stephen Hart (James Murray) and Abby Maitland (Hannah Spearritt), can discover how these creatures are breaking the time-space continuum. Even stranger events (what could be stranger than dinosaurs roaming through your neighborhood?) occur when Cutter’s wife Helen (Juliet Miller), who had disappeared eight years earlier without a trace, returns with the news that she’s been traveling through time and not dead as everyone suspected. Perhaps Helen knows the reasons for the time traveling creatures, but will she be willing to share her knowledge? You’ll have to watch to find out. 



Gone Country 2

Premieres Friday, August 15, 8PM ET on CMT

John Rich, of the award-winning duo Big & Rich, hosts the second installment of this reality series where seven celebrities compete for a chance to release their own country music single. The competitors include Sebastian Bach, former leading man of Skid Row, Irene Cara, a Grammy award-winning singer, Mikalah Gordon, a fourth season “American Idol” contestant, Jermaine Jackson, member of the Jackson 5, Chris Kirkpatrick, former member of *NSYNC, Lorenzo Lamas, a television and movie actor, and Sean Young, a former model and actress. Each person is paired with two of Nashville’s finest songwriters and given the chance to flex their country music muscle. After two weeks, John Rich decides who can make it in the country business. 


undefinedGlam God

Premieres Thursday, August 21, 10PM ET on VH1

Glamazon Vivica A. Fox teams with stylist to the stars Phillip Bloch and Us Weekly’s Melanie Bromley to search for the next great celebrity stylist in this new reality series. It’s all about the hair, the make-up, and the wardrobe for these wannabe stylists, and each week, they will be given a new challenge to show off their skills in creating the perfect head-to-toe look. The last stylist standing at the end of eight weeks will go home with $100,000 and the chance to become a celebrity stylist. Don’t miss the sneak peak episode which will air on Friday, August 15 on VH1!


The Cho Show

Premieres Thursday, August 21, 11PM ET on VH1

Margaret Cho has been known for her irreverent outlook on comedy and life, and viewers will get an inside look at her personal life, her family, and her entourage in this new half-hour reality sitcom. Cho doesn’t play by anyone’s rules but her own, which oftentimes puts her into interesting (and comical) situations. If you enjoyed watching her first show “All American Girl,” then you won’t be disappointed by this new endeavor.


The Democratic National Convention and One Live: DNC Afterparty

Premieres Monday, August 25-Thursday, August 28, 8PM ET on TV ONE

TV ONE will be providing gavel to gavel coverage of the 2008 Democratic National Convention. After this event, they will also be broadcasting “One Live: DNC Afterparty” in which there will be commentary concerning the convention, social issues, and economic issues from an intelligent group of outspoken panelists and hosted by Jacque Reid, a veteran television and radio reporter. You will not want to miss this coverage to get keen insight on the events of the DNC in Denver. 


Gavin & Stacey

Premieres Tuesday, August 26, 8:40PM ET on BBC America

Like another British comedy that has taken America by storm, “The Office,” BBC America’s new original comedy “Gavin & Stcey” should prove to be a hit as well. It can’t be as simple as love at first sight for these two. Gavin, an ordinary Englishman, and Stacey, a girl from Wales, have only ever spoken on the telephone for fear that their parents and friends would not approve of their romance. When they finally decide to take the relationship to the next level by meeting in person, Gavin and Stacey find that their loved ones must go along for the ride as well. This BAFTA award-winning sitcom will quickly become your new favorite show, so don’t miss it! / Issue 86 - September 2018
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