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In this year of economic crisis, it’s important to find inexpensive yet creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Hollywood romantics have come up with some meaningful gestures for Valentine's Day to express their love without courting poverty.

Even the Kardashians have put a price cap on gifts. "Well, Reggie [Bush, New Orleans Saints] and I said this year, we’ll go all out for Christmas and Birthdays, so we feel like Valentine’s Day should just be like $100 and under gift," Kim Kardashian (Keeping Up with the Kardashians) said. "We make it just very simple and sweet. We like cards and more meaningful gestures instead of a gift. It’s his off-season so hopefully we can get on a vacation. We’re looking for a vacation."

Eliza Dushku, of the new TV series Dollhouse, suggests embracing nature while you're embracing your loved ones. "I think little road trips are going to be coming back," Dushku said. "I just got a new Jeep actually, this Rubicon.. That was my Christmas present to myself and they're actually more energy, fuel saving. They consume less fuel than any other car driven in LA in the past 10 years, so I feel like I'm doing a little conscious effort there. They're like four door Wranglers, the ones you get when you're on vacation in Hawaii. You can open them up. It's an outdoor adventure car and I plan on just going all around California. California has so much to offer you. You have Big Bear, you have Joshua Tree, you have Tahoe. There's Santa Barbara, there's San Diego, there's so many places you can go, so I think it's about romantic road trips this Valentine's Day."

Many ladies say they don't need extravagant things. Jaime King's husband just needs to share the Valentine's Day spirit with her. "I like the idea of it," King said. "I like the romantic notions and ideas. I think most women do. As long as I'm with the person I love, it's all good for me."

American Idol judge Paula Abdul agrees that the focus should remain on love. "That’s a lot of pressure on Valentines Day," Abdul said. "I think it’s a wonderful holiday, but it’s even more wonderful when you have someone that you are in love with."

Young Hollywood is getting into the spirit too. Nearly 15-year-old Dakota Fanning is excited for Valentine's colors. "I do like Valentine's Day," Fanning said. "Pink is my favorite color, so I'll wear a pink shirt on Valentine's Day."

Disney music/acting sensation Demi Lovato has learned to keep Valentine's Day a family affair. She said. "What I love about it is, I realized that it’s about not only spending it with people that you fall in love with, which I haven’t really done yet. I spent a Valentine’s Day where my whole family celebrated it together. We told each other reasons why we loved each other, and things like that. That’s why I love Valentine’s Day. Or telling your friends why you love them." Rising to fame in the last year has made this a particularly unusual Valentine's Day for Lovato however. "I think it’s crazy because this Valentine’s Day my sister gave me a Valentine she bought, with my face on it. That was definitely a Valentine’s Day first."

Many couples will be too busy working to spend much time getting romantic for Valentine's Day. If money's too tight for a fancy dinner, or you've just got to take that overtime shift on February 14, you're not alone. Even The Jonas Brothers are booked that night. "It's going to be good," said Kevin Jonas. "We're actually going to be doing a television show that night though so that should be interesting."

Jimmy Fallon hasn't even started his gig as the new host of NBC's Late Night, but he's still got to work on developing the show. "I'll be working," said Fallon. "Hopefully we have a good webshow, I don't know. Maybe I'll get one of the Jonas Brothers." Sorry, Jimmy, they've already got a gig.

Scott Foley suspects he'll be busy filming his show The Unit on the 14th. "I hope to not be working on Valentine's Day so that I can take my wife to a nice dinner and buy her some flowers," Foley said. "I think with a television schedule these days, a special plan is a night off and a dinner date. That's about it for me."

As polygamist Bill Henrickson on Big Love, Bill Paxton joked about his busy Valentine's Day. "I love my wives all the same," Paxton said. "I'll take 'em all out."

On 24, Mary Lynn Rajskub gets everything done. In real life, she's low maintenance. "I just like staying home with a blanket and the TV and some ice cream," said Rajskub. "Is that so wrong? And the dogs and the baby, can't really do better than that."

Having just given birth to her second child, Naomi Watts is a little too overwhelmed to think about Valentine's Day. "I guess it became a bigger thing once I moved to America," she said. "I haven't thought about what's happening this Valentine's Day, no. I always do something little. I guess, write a card or something."

Jared Padalecki's movie Friday the 13th opens the weekend of Valentine's Day, so he will wait and see how that works out. "My plans are to hermit that weekend," Padalecki said. "I get kind of funny and I think I’ll just kind of stay in my room with blinders on so no one can see me and I can see nobody. Not even Valentine’s Day, I mean just the fact that the movie’s coming out. But Valentine’s Day, I don’t know, I mean I don’t know about Valentine’s Day. I think it’s nice to do romantic, nice things all the time, not just like for a day.  It feels contrived, you know?"

Some stars are still worn out after the 2008 holiday rush from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year's. Ellen Degeneres and Portia De Rossi will likely sit this one out.  "I will tell you what happens with our lives," said De Rossi. "We have our anniversary of when we got together. Then we have Christmas. Then her birthday, my birthday, then Valentine’s Day. So by the end of that whole thing, we are exhausted and broke."

Amber Tamblyn just prefers the previous celebrations to this one. "I love Thanksgiving just because I get to eat turkey and then sleep for eight hours," she said. "That’s the best part about that. But, I’m not really into Valentine’s Day."

Other celebrity couples just keep the spirit going year-round, like Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. "We try to celebrate that 365 [days a year]," Bacon said.

Megan Mullaly
has a naughty plan for her husband this Valentine's day. "Have sex, that's what everybody does," she said. "I was a Valentine's Day baby because I was born November 12 and that's exactly nine months later. I love Valentine's Day. I used to get so many Valentines when I was in like second grade. I don’t really get any anymore. I mean, I get one, from my husband, but I love Valentine's Day."

Brian Austin Green
thinks the most romantic thing he can do for his girlfriend is not talk about her. "I don't share," Green said. "I always try and be as romantic as possible, and with anything romantic I don't share in a relationship. I think that's the most romantic thing I can do."     

Sophie Kinsella, author of the Confessions of a Shopaholic novels, is a Valentine's Day girl too. "Oh, I love Valentine's Day," she mused. "The red, the hearts, the romance…"

Then of course there are the cynics. Even though he is starring in the upcoming series Cupid, Bobby Canavale just doesn't buy Valentine's Day. "Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday created by people who want to sell things," he said.

Shirley Manson played up her rock star image and her role on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles by denying Valentine's romance. "God, who the hell are you talking to?" she said. "I'm a terminator for God's sake. I don't believe in that sh*t."

Finally, Greg Behrendt, author of He's Just Not That Into You, warns couples not to take the day too seriously.

"I don't love Valentine's because it puts pressure," Behrendt said. "It sets up a false expectation and expectation is where we always go wrong in relationships. Then people use it as a standard bearer, like, 'Well, if you don't get me this on this particular day…' Those sort of situations are what breaks relationships down, so I'm not a fan of it really."

So, does Mrs. Behrendt buy that excuse? "My wife and I, it just sort of comes and goes," he said. "I love my wife. I send her flowers just because. That sounds corny, but she doesn't have an expectation. She doesn't want it, so we either do something because we were motivated to eat sugar, or we don't. It just sort of comes and goes for me." / Issue 91 - September 2018
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