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It's upon us again – cold and flu season.  It starts off with sniffing and sneezing, travelling on a plane or standing in an elevator with 5 other people. Soon you  start to get achy and it's all downhill from there.  Having been on and off the road for 12 years, I have found several things that seem to work, and I would like to share them with you.  

Viruses live on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours and are easily transferred with a handshake, sneeze or cough.  You don't have to become a germ-o-phobe.  It's been said a million times before, but I can't overstress how critical it is to wash your hands or carry anti-viral/anti-bacterial wipes with you.   

My second piece of advice is to pull over at your nearest health food store or pharmacy and buy some Oscillococcinum.  Weird name.  Wicked great flu formula.  This is a homeopathic medicine which means it activates the body's natural virus-fighting systems and kicks them into overdrive. The trick is to have it with you so you can take it at the FIRST sign of flu.  It comes with three vials that you take in the mouth (tastes like sugar pellets) every six hours.  It will dramatically reduce the length and severity of flu.  I carry this with me at all times and can be generally found giving it away to an unlucky fellow traveler.  I once sent 24 boxes to Nickelback when their whole crew was coming down with the same flu virus.  

Another piece of advice is to build up your immune system so you make your body less susceptible to illness.  Astragalus is an herb long used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to boost immunity  and can befound in pills or as a liquid tincture.  The great thing about astragalus is that you can take it every day and you won't build up a tolerance.  Garlic is another great antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal.  You can find enteric coated tablets that dissolve in the digestive track so you don't have garlic breath.   

Finally, consider Maitake mushrooms  they have a tremendous immune boosting action – and they are available in capsules. Okay, here's the part you are going to hate.  Sugar, caffeine, alcohol and dairy products can lower immunity and increase mucus in the body.  I'm not saying you have to cut these foods out altogether.  But if you are feeling a bit "off" or are around people who are sick, moderation would be wise. If you do get sick... Hunker down. Try to get plenty of rest. Drink lemon & ginger tea. Avoid the foods listed above. And try using a soothing throat spry to address post-nasal drip and a dry, irritated throat.   

Be well!  Ocea is one of the most sought_after bodywork therapists and healers in the entertainment industry. She has been on and off the road with national recording artists for 12 years and has worked backstage on talent and production and most of the entertainment award shows. Ocea is the President/Founder of Travel Wellness, Inc. with natural solutions for touring, performing and travel wellness. For moreinformation visit Or to contact Ocea  … / Issue 91 - September 5939
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