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In an oversaturated pop music world, it’s nice to have somebody come along who plays their own songs just for the sake of playing them. Newcomer sensation Colbie Caillat did just that, that is, until she was discovered on MySpace, becoming a sensation when her song "Bubbly" was downloaded over 1 million times, quickly putting her on the musical map. She followed that up with her first album, COCO, which actually went Double Platinum, a surprising success for a young artist who was discovered on the internet. Now, she has come out of cyberspace and onto your radio big time.

Daughter of Fleetwood Mac's famed Rumours record producer Ken Caillat, Caillat took an interest in singing at the age of 11 when she first heard The Fugees “Killing Me Softly.” After that, she found her path with Lauryn Hill as her inspiration. She spent the next years honing her vocals and getting acquainted with the stage.

At the age of 19 she sat down for a single guitar lesson, learned 4 chords, and then came home and wrote her first song called “Someday," but that was end of her lessons. Recently, Dish talked to Caillat about her career so far, and her plans for the future.

“Yeah, I pretty much stopped going only because I thought I don’t need this anymore. I just got frustrated with it because it was so hard to play that I quit for awhile. Then, a year later my friend Jason Reeves taught me a few more chords and it was just so easy to play, that it kind of got me back into playing, and I just kind of learned from playing with him.” Jason Reeves co-wrote many of the songs on COCO, and at the time rumor had it that the pair were romantically linked. She denies that, as well as current rumors of her involvement with Jason Mraz, who also wrote a song on the new album. “I can see how that would happen, I can see that people are going to start thinking that, but people thought that about my friend Jason Reeves and I also.”

Her career may have been born of the internet via MySpace, but Caillat has become a phenomenon! Caillat has pushed the limits with over 34 million views and some 63 million listens of her MySpace music. But don’t think that fame has made her something she is not; she is still the same California girl she was just a few years ago, which according to her means “…you love being in sunny weather and just laid back. Anyone that lives here is always wearing sandals, tank tops or dresses, and not much make up. It’s always just easy breezy.” Caillat was born in California and definitely has an easy breezy laid back sound, which can be heard on her singles "Bubbly" and "Realize." Although these two singles have made her a household name, left to herself she would have picked different songs to be her singles “I didn’t pick that to be the first single, my fans actually did by Myspace. That was just the most played song and so we went with that, but no, I would have gone with my song "One Fine Wire" or "Feeling Show" or maybe "Battle." Just ‘cause, I don’t know, I guess I wanted those to be the first singles more because the messages in those songs are something that I was feeling at that time.”

With her varied influences including Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, and the Weepies, another California group, it’s no wonder she has a play what you feel attitude. Although The Weepies may not be very well known, they definitely had an influence on her writing, “I started listening to them right before or at the time I was recording my album. Just listening to their melodies and what they do with a song where they match up the instruments in a song with the lyrics they are singing. I thought they did a brilliant job recording their albums, and yeah, I learned a lot from them and I listen to them every day.”

When asked about her writing process, she said “Most songs weren’t from actual experiences but like "Bubbly," I didn’t write that about being with a guy and an experience we had together. It was about me wanting to fall in love, having never fallen in love before and picturing how I want love to be, that’s what "Bubbly" was about. It was me being bored and sad and hopeful."

Now that she has made the jump from solo song writer to chart topping, double platinum selling artist, boredom is not something she has to deal with a lot. “They keep me pretty busy, they usually wake me up at 7 for phoners [telephone interviews], then I do radio or some sort of TV during the day, then I work out with my personal trainer, then I have sound check, then I play my show, then I have a meet and greet, then I go to bed, and it all starts over again the next morning.”

With a vast, loyal following on board, it is safe to say that her career is going to be busy for a long time to come. Having already collaborated with top talents such as Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz, it would seem the music world has embraced Caillat as easily as America has. With a winter tour approaching, Caillat hopes her fans will “honestly have a great time and let the music take them away from whatever is going on in their life. If they are going through a break up, tough day at work, something like that, I just want the music to occupy their minds for an hour and just make them forget about anything bad going on in their lives.”

To find out more about Colby Caillat and her upcoming tour dates, go to / Issue 91 - September 2018
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