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It’s been said that all great art begins with an accident. Such was the case with Meg Musick-Makely and her line of Vintage Vinyl products.

A few years back, Musick-Makely’s then-pre-teen daughter dropped and cracked one of her favorite 33-1/3 records. Instead of getting mad, she got to work. While cutting out the label she instantly saw the shape of a bracelet and proceeded to make it into one. When people kept asking her where she got that cool bracelet, she found herself filling orders.

Musick-Makely now makes a full line of wearable, usable art including bracelets, tote bags and bowls, all made from actual rock records and album covers from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

The bracelets are 1-1/2inches wide and fit any wrist. The tote bags are Velcro-enclosed and have clear vinyl sides that each hold a different authentic record jacket. The totes come with a Beatles or Rolling Stones album cover on one side and another rock favorite chosen at random for the second side. (Hint: to update your tote, simply exchange the covers with two from your own collection). The finishing touch on the totes? Two turnable amplifier knobs.

Musick-Makely also makes coasters, bowls, clocks and notebooks. With music as her muse, the possibilities are endless.

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Article written by M.B.Roberts / Issue 93 - September 2018
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