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Mother's Day Gift Ideas.It’s Mother’s Day yet again, and with the recession in full swing, you may not be able to shell out the big bucks for Mom this year. But don’t worry! It’s not too late to wow her with some great gifts, and she’ll never need to know how much you didn’t spend. 


If your mother is sentimental, you can always arrange for a family portrait on Mother’s Day. Think about it: when was the last time you and the entire family got together and posed for a few seconds for a gift that would last her a lifetime? Speaking of classic kid gifts, you can also break out the old art set and get to work on a poem or a picture. A homemade greeting card might seem corny to you, but the odds are Mom will love it. Another great gift idea for you creative kids out there is to write her a song, or to sing her favorite song while playing guitar or some other instrument. Make her proud by showing her that those piano lessons you had 30 years ago are finally paying off. 


If your mom is a gardener, plant some flowers in her garden and bring her outside in the morning. If you want the flowers to return each year, plant perennials. Or if your mom has a flower’s name—such as Rose or Daisy—you can plant some of these. Your best bet is to plant flowers that will stand out, so that each time she comes out to her garden to play in the dirt, she’ll think of you. 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas.


Spend some quality time with Mom. Is she a movie buff? If so, take her to the theater on her special day. No, don’t go see Star Trek (unless she’s a Trekkie) or X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Take her to the movie that she wants to see and try to enjoy yourself. Or instead of taking her out for dinner like every other year, you could just take her on a walk through the park or through the old neighborhood where you grew up. You can reminisce about your childhood (just as long as you avoid talking about your infamous teen years). But if you’re hell-bent on getting her food, remember that jewelry is always good, and we’re sure she could always use a new macaroni necklace. 


Maybe your mom has made a hobby out of collecting certain items, such as figurines or coke bottles. See if you can’t find a new addition to her collection at the flea markets around town. The key is to buy something that she doesn’t already have, a collectable distinct from her other ones. If she collects creepy porcelain clowns and you’ve found the coveted 1982 frowny face clown with the designer flaw green nose that she keeps talking about (only 100 were ever made), buy it immediately before any other sharp-eyed collector spots it. We can assure you that Mom will love you for it, and she’ll brag forever to her houseguests that you definitely inherited her eye for quality collectable clowns. 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas.


All moms are busy. You know your mother deserves a break, so offer to finish her to-do list. She’ll be grateful to sit back and relax as you vacuum the carpet, dust the window sills, rearrange the pictures on the wall, change her car’s oil, finally take down the Christmas lights, mow the lawn, and finish all of the other tasks that Dad has been “getting around to” for the past several months. 


It’s a well know fact that moms generally love to rock. If your mom likes the Stones or Tom Petty or (for some reason) Miley Cyrus, and this performer is coming to an auditorium near you, buy her two tickets and offer to go. If she looks at you like you’re crazy for thinking that she would waste a hot date on her kid, gracefully back off. If you’re lucky, though, she’ll love the idea of banging heads with her progeny while rocking out to The Prodigy. 


A common misconception is that re-gifting is solely reserved for people you dislike. Not true. If you have a gift that you’re not using, and you think she would enjoy it, wrap it up and let her know that you had it laying around the house gathering dust. Just make sure you don’t re-gift this month’s electricity bill. 


You might look at these gifts and say, “How cheap!” Really, though, your mom will take one look at your gift and say, “How thoughtful!” She will appreciate these gifts much more than any amount of money you could have possibly spent on her. 


Happy Mother’s Day, everybody! / Issue 94 - September 5588
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