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Are you more sugar or spice? Would you rather spend your summer poolside, tanning in some tropical oasis, or relaxing at an upscale party? Whatever your personality and plans, there is definitely a summer scent out there for you. Here are three of this summer’s best fragrances, perfect as your signature scent all summer long.

Pleasures by Estee LauderAre you soft?
For a soft, subtle, sheer scent, your best bet is Pleasures by Estée Lauder. Launched in 1995 with the tagline “One of life’s simple pleasures,” the fragrance has divided up into several sub-brands with the classic Pleasures remaining the most popular. The year of its premiere, Pleasures won Best Women’s Fragrance and Women’s Fragrance Star of the Year at the Oscars of the fragrance world, the Fragrance Foundation Awards (FiFi Awards). A soft scent from a classic brand, Pleasures has become a signature scent for many casual wearers.

A classsy, feminine fragrance, Pleasures is soft and breezy with a dreamy quality to it. The fragrance is definitely for the woman who wants to smell flowery but not overpowering and smell womanly, not girly. Sweet and silky, the perfume is the epitome of gentility and charm. The ultimate in sheer perfumes, Pleasures has been delighting users for nearly fifteen years and has a refreshing splash of flowers that will delight you from the first time you put it on.

Are you beachy?
Hampton Sun's Privet BloomFeel as though you are vacationing on a beach in the Hamptons whenever you smell Hampton Sun’s Privet Bloom. Named after the privet hedges growing along the spacious, luxurious lawns in the Hamptons, the scent was released in 2007 and since then has been providing instant vacations in a bottle to the Hamptons whenever it is opened.

Originally, the S&G Hampton Sun company focused on luxury sun and skin care products. Their first foray into fragrances resulted in the beachy, elegant fragrance Privet Bloom, an excellent edition to the world of fragrances.“With our first foray into the fragrance arena, we wanted to develop a unique product that spoke to our core inspiration – the beautiful beaches of Eastern Long Island,” says Salvatore Piazzolla, the president and co-owner of S&G Hampton Sun. “In Privet Bloom, we were able to capture the essence and energy of the Hamptons.”

From the scent to the bottle, every inch of the Privet Bloom design was intended to capture the dunes, sea grass, and gentle waves of the Hamptons into a light, clean product. The elegance of New York’s favorite beachside resort is magnificently captured in this warm, classic fragrance.

Daisy by Marc JacobsAre you whimsical?
For the free-spirited bohemian, Daisy by Marc Jacobs is the best choice for a summer perfume. Winner of the 2008 FiFi Fragrance of the Year award, Daisy has proven to be extremely popular while
maintaining a distinctive and personal smell. Subtle, personal, sexy, casual, and dramatic, Daisy defies all labels one can otherwise put on a perfume. The quirky scent has become a favorite of critics and consumers alike.

Before even opening up the bottle, consumers come in contact with a vintage looking yellow-gold tinted bottle with a small crop of daisy flowers decorating the stopper of the bottle. Gold and white, the color of daisies, are the theme to the fragrance, combining luxury with innocence, strength with playfulness, and glamour with timeless beauty. Both retro and modern, the bottle shows that every detail of Daisy.

The scent goes hand-in-hand with Jacobs’ fashion lines, also known for being charming, elegant, luxurious yet wearable, fun, flirty, and chic. From twentysomethings to the over-70 set, Daisy has become a signature fragrance of the women who are lively, sweet, and whimsical. The playful innocence of the scent is created by ingredients of violet, strawberry, ruby red grapefruit, gardenia, vanilla, and white woods. The eclectic, alluring scent is playful, sweet, and will fill you with whimsy whenever you inhale it. / Issue 98 - September 3210
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