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There’s no time like a lazy, hazy Summer day on the hammock or at the pool to dream about gadgets that will improve your life in oh-so-many ways! Here’s Dishmag’s list of the best, most exciting, and ultimately practical items that will change your life for the better...
Great Gadget! New iPhone 3GS
If you’ve been debating whether or not to jump on the iPhone bandwagon or just want to update your old iPhone model, now is the time! With faster performance, downloads, dozens of new applications, and 3D graphics, the iPhone 3GS is the hottest phone out on the market. The phone is At 3.5 inches tall with a 480x320 pixel display screen The new version can shoot, edit, and share video, has a 3 megapixel still camera, voice controlled address book and digital voice recording, a compass, YouTube access, and zillions of other handy features to play around with. ($199-$299)

Verizon Wireless: MiFi
With Mobile Broadband Service and WiFi capability, the MiFi™2200 enables you to take full advantage of America’s largest and most reliable 3G network! The MiFi2200 enhances the Mobile Broadband Service experience by also providing a wireless hub for up to five WiFi-enabled devices at one time—multiple users can take advantage of an instant hotspot. And with its compact and lightweight form factor and rechargeable battery, provides the ultimate in on-the-go flexibility! With the online discount, the price for the 2-year contract is only $99.99!

Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair
Sick of messy cat hair all over your house? Now there’s a great new way to eliminate it, and it’s both fast and easy! The Pledge Fabric Sweeper quickly and effectively removes pet hair from upholstered furniture. Simply slide it side to side in short strokes. Rollers rotate back and forth to lift and trap unsightly hair. One Pledge Fabric Sweeper picks up as much pet hair as 145 sticky roller sheets. The Fabric Sweeper is great for upholstered couches and chairs, pillows, cushions, and car interiors. ($5.99)

Fresh Breath Fast! Binaca Fastblast Breath Spray
For a fast, cool way to say bye-bye to bad breath, look no further than the Fastblast Breath Spray by Binaca. The company – named for a volcano in the Philippines – has been around for 75 years but has recently revamped their product. Available in peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamint, the spray vows to kill bad breath and germs will giving you minty fresh breath. Cool, refreshing, and gentle on the mouth and gums, the package is easy to carry and use wherever you are. ($2.79)

Hair Nowhere! Shave Secret
Tired of razor burn, pimples, plucking, nasty lotion treatments, and messy strips? Shave Secret is the perfect way to get your legs, underarms, face, and sensitive areas hair-free for both men and women. Shave Secret promises to stop nicks, cuts, dry skin, rashes, bumps, and ingrown hairs with its ultra smooth shaving oil.  After wetting the area and putting on two to three drops of Shave Secret, you’re ready to shave and just towel off to dry. The non-foaming oil is a 100% natural blend of essential and base oils with a dash of menthol, no artificial ingredients. Its smooth composition allows your razor to glide gently over skin, moisturizing and conditioning your skin while you shave! ($3.50) at

Find the Perfect Lift! Tweakers Bra Adjuster!
Need a way to uplift your bust and confidence? Then this little accessory is definitely for you! Tweakerz is both fashion-forward and functional, providing lift, support, and cleavage. Easy-to-use and FDA approved, Tweakerz is flexible, lies flat against your back, and provides a custom fit for every shape and size. Great for any fashion top, this amazing product is practical and beautiful. Each purchase includes two extender tops which improve your posture and hide unseemly bra straps. ($14.95 plus S&H)
The Pool Goes Personal
Having fun in the sun shouldn’t break the bank and these little pools do everything you need them to, but at a much smaller price. They range from 8ft across to a massive 32’ x 16’ and they start at 30’’ deep and go to 52’’ deep. All of these pools come with filters and pumps and set up at the most in a matter of hours with the help of an instructional DVD. These pools still require maintenance but at a much smaller scale and places like. When winter comes along you merely let out the water, dry them, and fold them and wait for the cold to pass. Prices start at around $70 but can reach the thousands for the largest model.


The All-in-One Camera! Canon 5D Mark II
Digital and video camera all-in-one, the Canon 5D Mark II is revolutionary in its combination of stellar images and high quality video capture. With a 21.1 megapixel frame, the camera portion can take up to 32 consecutive shots at around 4 frames per minute. The video portion takes 1080 p HD video, rivaling the quality of some motion picture cameras. The camera has tons of features, but they’re easy to use for even technology novices. Compatible with over 60 lenses and accessories, there doesn’t seem to be much the Canon 5D Mark II can’t do. The details, clarity, bright LCD screens, and image quality on both the stills and video make this camera worth the price. ($2,699).

Sony Camera DSLR-A900
With an impressive 24.6-megapixel resolution, the Sony  DSLR-A900 is setting the bar for digital cameras. The camera includes features such as a digital single lens, a reflex camera body, SteadyShot INSIDE™ for shooting stable images, hook-ups to your HDTV for hi-def photo viewing, a true to life viewfinder, long lasting battery, and PC controls. This reliable and user-friendly camera is versatile with clear, ultra-bright images, amazing performance, and overall great quality. ($2,699.99)

3-D Camera! Casio EX-Z750 with 3-D Advantage
Ever wanted to shoot stills and movies in 3-D? Now’s your chance with the Casio EX-Z750 with the amazing 3D Advantage Tri-Delta Beamsplitter add-on. You can use the camera’s tons of features, without worrying about the camera synching up. Create stereo images in a variety of settings including color, sepia, and black and white. There is an achromatic viewer situated over the LCD screen allowing prescreening of shots at your fingertips. With more clarity of images and panoramic shots, this camera takes pictures like no other. (camera $259.99, 3-D Advantage $1,399.)
 / Issue 99 - September 2018
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