10 Simple Ways to Buy Eyelashes at Affordable Price

Dishmag Team | Sep 30, 2020


Eyes are the foremost thing that we notice indirect communications, and sometimes they speak a lot when words cannot. Those outgrown hairs with the curved shapes will beautify your eyes, making them the most attractive feature of your face. Yes! We are speaking about eyelashes. Eyelashes are the fine hair that grows at the edge of the eyelid. Their primary role is to protect the eyes from dust, sand, or any other debris entering and harming your eye. Eyelashes will signal your eyelids about when to shut to protect the eyes, thereby mitigates possible dangers. If you don’t have long eyelashes, you might wish to get false eyelashes. Don’t let your efforts of getting the eyelashes drain away; here are 10 interesting and simple ways to buy eyelashes at an affordable price.

10 Tips to follow while buying affordable eyelashes:

Eyelashes have become an essential accessory in the beauty wardrobe of every woman. The soaring demand for this accessory reached in such a way that it has moved from special occasion adornment to must-have everyday accessory. If you are planning to buy eyelashes, picking your first pair of effective eyelashes may be tricky. Wearing false lashes is like a whole new world of makeup. Here we have some tips for you to make your journey more comfortable and easier.

Tip 1# Buy demi or single lashes instead of whole lash line


It is getting a lash line that your eyelid size may be a complicated task. Instead, buy some affordable demi wispies lashes that can fit at the corner of the eye. 

Demi lashes come in pairs and easy to use. They are more comfortable to wear day and night as they are light in weight. With less investment, you can enjoy the natural look with many pairs of demi lashes. You can also reuse them if removed properly.

Tip 2# Get the singles for scattered eyelashe 


The ideal option for the ones with the scattered or thinly dispersed eyelashes is to use individual eyelashes. They come within the grouping of the three or four hair groups to place them wherever you need to fill the gaps. 

With these individual lashes, you can customize your lash style. You can add many individual lashes over the single eyelid depending on the way you want to create.

Tip 3# black lash band to fill up flaws


As a beginner, you may not be an expert in putting on eyelashes. Thin lines of the eyelashes may show off any imperfections or misalignments involved during application. 

The ones that are made with clear bands are ideal for the beginners to fill up the flaws. These clear lashes come in thick and quite clear color.

Tip 4# Tapered end lashes for hooded eyes


Hooded eyes have often featured the extra layer of the skin that is drooping over the crease, which makes your lid look smaller. 

Tapered end lashes are the ideal way to go natural with the hooded eyes. These lashes look longer in the center with the tapering lengths on each end. These tapered end lashes can create the depth of illusion.

Tip 5# buy winged or wispy lashes if you have round eyes


Your eyes are said to be circular if your eye crease is visible. These individual eyelashes have crossed, creating a playful and wispy look. They look slightly longer at the ends. 

When you shop for these eyelashes, you can find the word wispy on the pack. Wispy lashes offer you the most natural look with the altering length of the hair.

Tip 6# buy dramatic, long lashes for the deep set eyes


People with deep-set eyes have bigger eyes that fit deeply into the skull. This can create an illusion of the more prominent brow bone. Deep-set eyes may impact the way that you make up. 

Long lashes with the lengthy tips and moderate curls at the end are good to go with your deep-set eyes.

Tip 7: buy fluffy lashes for monolids


A monolid eye is the eyelid shape that does not have any crease. Most Asian people possess mooneye lid features. 

Heavy and bold lashes may stick out, taking away the natural look. If you are the one with monolids, then you should go for the less dense eyelashes with fluffy ends creating a more realistic look.

Fluffy lashes have the hairs stacked one over the other, creating a fluffy and gorgeous look. 

Tip 8 # evenly distributed lashes for almond eyes


Almond eyes often look oval with either one or two pointer corners. Almond eyes indulge in some sharp expressiveness. Choosing a perfect lash makes you feel confident. 

Eyelashes with thin and evenly spaced hair are the best way to show the beauty of almond eyes.

Tips 9# get the right glue


Some of the eyelashes come with the glue, and some others do not. So it is more important to get the skin-friendly adhesive if you don't have the one with the pack. 

There are dozens of skin-safe and friendly adhesives available in the market that are specifically tested for the eye area. Study your skin.

If your skin is latex-sensitive, then go for the latex-free adhesives such as Callas's eyelash adhesive, and Lashview eyelash adhesive. Duo Strip Eyelash adhesive is suitable for the one with skin allergies. 

Tip 10# Buy voluminous lashes for wide set eyes


Wider set eyes create more gap between the eyes. The good way to check for the wide-set eyes is to measure whether your eyes are more than one eye width apart. 

Go for the lashes that work to emphasize the shape and beauty of your eye. You need the ones that create a fluffy and voluminous effect to fade away the more gap between the eyes.

Look for the lashes with the longest hairs in the middle with the criss-cross styles that can make your eyes look bigger.

Best eyelashes for beginners:

High-end eyelashes are good to go for the beginners that do not require special handling. Invest in high-end brands as a beginner to reap the long term benefits without any complaints. 

Here we have listed some best eyelash brands that design great and flexible sets for the beginners at the best price.

1. Ardell:

Ardell is the leader of the false lashes worldwide. It designs a wide range of high-quality lashes suiting all the styles and occasions. Ardell’s designs are the best choice to add complimenting features to your eyes. Ardell uses the most advanced technologies to offer you the long-lasting and reusable lashes in the budget.

2. Huda Beauty:

Huda Beauty lashes are one of the best renowned lashes that most of the celebs use. They are reusable with amazing quality. This brand is well known for making the cruelty free eyelashes out of synthetic and natural fibers. Depending on the care, each lash can be used up to 12 times, saving your money.

3. Lily lashes:

Most of the popular styles are sold at lily. This brand offers high-quality lashes that are worn by celebrities. Professional end Lily lashes are expensive, but most of the time, they are discounted on the Lilly Lashes website. They are worthy if you take care of them and can wear up to 20 times.

4. Sephora eyelashes:

Sephora is the leading producer of durable, faux lashes, for all the eye styles of the unique shapes to accentuate makeup and can be worn up to 15 times. It offers varied designs to complement your eye shape, lash length, and lifestyle within your budget.

5. Forever 21: 

Forever 21 offers a wide range of designs that give you a perfect party look. With the good volume and length, they give you a natural look. These designs can easily blend with your natural lash line. You can use the eyelashes of your choice on some hottest deals and offers.

1. Icona lashes (https://www.iconalashes.com/): It is the premium producer of false eyelashes and eyelash tools that give you an ideal look. You can find the cruelty free lashes suiting your needs for every day and the special occasions.

2. Almaz lashes (https://www.almazlashes.com/en/): These lashes are made from the genuine and the highest quality mink hair. They are experts in designing and offering handmade eyelashes in 3D looks at the best price. Check out the website for the coupons on Almaz lashes that can fit different occasions.

3. Dollar lash club (https://`www.onedollarlashclub.com/): Get the affordable and ideal eyelashes for all the types of eyes at dollar lash club. Pick out one of your choices from the 15 luxury styles.

Check out the Dollar lash Club for the coupon codes on selected lashes. 

Take away:

The tone of eyelid and shape of the eye plays a prominent role in buying the best and affordable eyelashes. Decide on the volume of the eyelash and then base your decision as per the shape of the eye. With the above-listed consideration, get the best eyelashes at an affordable price for the well-defined and customized look.

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